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Group: Novice > Acolyte > Priest > Cleric / Sage > Prophet / Mystic


Once a Cleric reaches level 65, they're able to upgrade their class to Prophet. This transformation unlocks an improved and upgraded skill-set, as well as introducing a few new skills.



  • High Defense & M-Defense - As a Prophet, your defense will be the second highest, next to a Templar, due to the ability of using shields. Your equipments' defense will be improved as well.
  • Integral in Dungeon Parties - High level instances/dungeons requires a good supporter for runs. You have buffs that players need and heals that have been improved for better healing efficiency.
  • Buffs and Debuffs - As you advance to Prophet, your Buffs and Debuffs become more versatile and fearful especially for Mages.
  • Fast Casting Speed - Prophets' Orange and Yellow Equipments give Casting Speed bonuses that helps in healing.
  • Pivotal in Arena - Able to turn the tides in Arena with your wide range of skills and debuffs.


  • Slow Kills - You will find that you grind slower than other classes due to the lack of attacking skills and damage output.
  • Lack of Grinding Parties - Due to slow kills, you are not commonly wanted in grinding parties.
  • High Mana Usage - High level skills have high Mana costs.






Mastery System

Crafting - Weapons and Armor

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