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Aeria Games often runs promotional offers to help their players get the best deals for the aeria point spending. The Promotion section of forums is kept up to date on the offers that the Aeria Games promotional staff offers for the Shaiya Web Item Mall. Staying aware of the promotional sales and tiered events will help you get the most out of your money spent at Aeria Games.

It is important to note that promotions run according to the Aeria Games time zone. (One hour ahead of the in-game clock)


Promotion Sales

Promotion sales are deals that happen for a short period of time. They can be found at the Featured and the Promotions categories of the Web Item Mall. The Promotion section of Shaiya Forums should be checked to view available promotions for the day. Some items may only be offered for a few hours out of the day so be sure the item is tagged as a promotional item and purchased during the correct time frame.

Look for the Promotional Tag on an item for purchase.


On the left you see a purple promo tag around the item’s icon, this item is available to count as the promotional deal. However on the left, is a red tag that shows that the item is indeed a top seller but this tag does not count toward the promotional items. Both screenshots were taken on the same day, but the items were found in different sections of forums. The left item in Promotions and the right in Consumables.

Promotional Icon Tags


  1. Sale - for items that are discounted as part of a promotional sale, these items can be limited and are only for a brief period of time.
  2. Promo - for items that are part of a promotional sale offer, there are many types of promotions (not just BOGO) and some may only allow you to buy a limited amount. Promo items are only available during their promotional sale time frame.
  3. New - for items that ar newly introduced to the game and/or Web Item Mall.
  4. Hot - for items that are purchased at a rate that is higher than the average.
  5. No Tag - all items have no tag visible unless part of a promotional sale.

Missed Sales Promotion

If for some reason you missed a sales promotion or purchased the wrong item, then you can send a ticket using the Aeria Games Support System.

  1. Choose the Game Support Category
  2. Choose the “Missed Promotion” subcategory
  3. Fill out the form in its entirety for best result (including the promotional link to the forum thread that announces the promotion you missed).

There is no guarantee that the support team will allow you to redeem the promotional sale, but you are allowed to send a ticket requesting this service.

Tiered Rewards

Through out the month, Aeria Games promotional team hosts tiered events that allow to redeem additional rewards based on the amount of aeria points spent during that time. There are many types of tiers, and each one is unique, so checking the promotional monthly calendar and forums is important to know when and how these tiers will be run.

Small Tiers

Small tiers are tiered events that are run for only a few days at a time. These tiers do not offer as large rewards as the End of the Month or Monthly Loyalty Rewards, but they do offer a good selection of rewards at a smaller amount of AP spendage.

End of the Month

The End of the Month tier is the second largest tiered event of the month.This tier will offer you the best rewards for the month and the most amount of promotional sale items. It is often referred to as EoM. This tier is posted in advanced to allow players to give feedback on rewards so that the promotional team may change them to best fit the needs of the buyers. If planning on buying the EoM tier, it is important to research the rewards to be offered so that when the time comes to purchase you are prepared and know how much AP you will need to receive the rewards you desire.

Loyalty Rewards

The Loyalty Reward tiered event is a month long tier, that allows for the most rewards gained. All AP spent during the month, even if already applied to another tier, count to this reward system as well. Making it the biggest promotional event of the month.

  • Hey Shaiyans! Do you spread out your spending through the month and don't quite qualify for some of the higher tier levels before a tier ends? Do you get to the higher tier levels in most of the tiers each month? This month long tier is for you then!This tier will be running the whole month alongside all of our other promotions and tiers. Any purchase you make, from the web and in-game item malls, loot wheel, loot forge, etc. will count towards this month long tier. We have some exclusive prizes that we have included in this tier that for being a loyal supporter of Shaiya. Plus, you can participate for as little as 99 AP!

From an Example Loyalty Reward Event

How to Redeem a Tiered Event

So now that you have spent the appropriate amount of AP to qualify for a tier, you can redeem the items.

Go to the Tiered Spender section of the Shaiya Item Mall to view the tiers you qualify for and to begin redeeming them.


  1. Make sure that the title of the tier you wish to redeem is visible in this spot, meaning that it is selected.
  2. Other tiers that are running at the same time will be visible in these tabs, choose the one you wish to redeem.
  3. Shows the total amount of AP you have spent during the allotted time frame.
  4. Shows the time left to redeem your rewards
  5. Is a visual representation of the tiers you have qualified for within the tiered event.
  6. The button that directs you to redeeming your rewards.
  7. The color key to the visual representation.
  8. Shows the rewards available in each tier. an unlocked icon means the tier is redeemable, locked icons means they are not.

Once you press the REDEEM button you will be directed to a page similar to this.


  1. Make sure the name of the tier you want to redeem is visible here
  2. Other tiers that are available at the time will also show in tabs here, be sure the correct one is selected.
  3. Follow the instruction and choose the reward/s that you want to redeem.
  4. Press OK to continue or Cancel to cancel redeeming and continue at another time.

Once you have redeemed all the reewards you qualify for, you can check your Purchase History to see if they were delivered. If their status shows as Delivered then the items will be retrievable in your account bank in game once you log in/relog.

Service Promotional Items

Some items that can be redeemed as rewards during promotional events require special instructions to redeem.

  • Check the list of Placeholders for information on what the placeholder you received means.
  • Follow this GM Service Guide to redeem the service your placeholder provides.

Some placeholders are tradeable but most are not, be sure to check this before retrieving the item from your bank because it may need to stay there in order to be active.

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