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Professional Blacksmith

There are 2 new blacksmiths in Vault Guild Auction House (aka Bootleggery/Smuggler’s Cove/Black Market). In Apulune the gatekeeper on the W side of the Apulune Merchant Guild area can take you there (Fury Gatekeeper found in the Tredisys Auction section of Iris) or a rune from a Vault Guild Auction Merchant in Keolloseu / Gliter (map 1 Light/Fury), Arktius Village / Starfumos Vill (map 2), Huigronn Stronghold / Arena Stronghold (map 3), or Pandorashys / Ranhaa'rr (map 4) will do the same. These Professional Blacksmiths do different things than the regular blacksmiths.

Calia, Professional Blacksmith : Click Trade, then click Reconstruction – add your item (old weapon or armor from before Ep.4) to the slot and click Reward. This randomly adds orange stats to the item (same as currently drops from mobs). Number of Ep4 stats added and type of stats is entirely random.

Equipment received as quest rewards and equipment bought from NPC's cannot be done. You'll get an error message “You can’t reward with this item” and sounds like breaking lapis (yikes!) but nothing will be broken or changed.

Corax Abigail, Professional Blacksmith : Click Trade, then you have 2 options:

Reconstruction : This requires a Recreation Rune (AP item). Use it and a piece of armor or weapon and click Order. This will randomly change the orange stats, may be better, worse, and you could possibly end up with none (but with 500 mp in orange stats on a shield it may be worth the risk of “rolling the dice”).

Creation : Must have 3 of the same item, place in the slots and click Random to create one new one with randomly assigned orange stats. You cannot use items purchased from NPC’s. If you use slotted items all 3 must be identical (including the distribution of the yellow stats (ex. Heroic Death Arcadia with +3 REC and + 15 STR in yellow will not match with a Heroic Death Arcadia with +15 REC and +3 STR in yellow stats). You cannot mix slotted items with base ones (they will not mix). No guarantee on the number or distribution of orange stat points, they may be better or worse than any of the original 3.

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