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The Proelium Frontier

Proelium Frontier is the name of the map where Level 1~15 PvP is held. When you are Level 1~15 you can enter this map to kill the opposing forces. When you are in PvP, you can earn ranks.

1 bar = 1 kill
2 bars = 50 kills
3 bars = 300 kills
1 chevron = 1.000 kills
2 chevron = 5.000 kills
3 chevron = 10.000 kills
1 diamonds = 20.000 kills
2 diamonds = 30.000 kills
3 diamonds = 40.000 kills
1 flowers = 50.000 kills
2 flowers = 70.000 kills
3 flowers = 90.000 kills
1 stars = 110.000 kills
2 stars = 130.000 kills
3 stars = 150.000 kills
1 bar yallow = 200.000 kills
2 bars yallow = 250.000 kills
3 bars yallow - 300.000 kills

Any time you reach a new rank you can get stat points at Stardust Knight in Apulune or Narsilian Hall in Iris. The requirement is that you have to be level 16. You can also get gold from the deaths you have suffered. Talk to the Excellent Warrior Manager in your respective faction's city to receive these benefits.

For the Light side: When you go into the Proelium Frontier, you will begin at the Delphinian Fortress, the light castle. To the right of it is the spawn point.

For the Dark side: When you go into the Proelium Frontier, you will begin at the Paroutian Fortress,the dark castle. To the left of it is the spawn point.

Rules of Pvp World

Rule #1: No portal camping; You can't go to the opposing forces portal and camp on it to kill innocent people: This is punishable.

Rule #2: No spawn camping; You can't go to the opposing forces spawnpoint and wait to kill spawning people: This is punishable.

The 1-15 Altar

The actual goal in PvP is to obtain the altar. The Altar is in the middle of the map. The altar is pretty easy to take down for melee-based characters such as Defenders/Guardians, Fighters/Warriors, Rangers/Assassins.

For a Mage/Pagan, an Archer/Hunter and a Priest/Oracle this will be somewhat harder, even though these classes are known to get better kills over distance.

Here is a Map of the area, with the altar circled in black:


At the time this image was taken, the altar was under the control of the Alliance of Light.

Green Altar: Alliance of Light, Ides

Red Altar: Union of Fury, Altar

Purple Altar: Neutral, Relic, to be under the control of whichever side destroys it first.


In PvP you can have a great advantage if you use Nostrums. They can be bought either in Apulune/Iris from other players or in the Item Mall for AP (Real money). These give you a big advantage and you will get fast kills.

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