Prairie Cave

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Prairie Cave
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Sub Location of:
Kaslow Plains
Location Type:
Required Level:
Exp Level Range:
20 - 30
Prairie Cave is the lowest level instance in Grand Fantasia, located in Kaslow Plains. The Mission Order can be done from levels 20 to 30, but the instance can be done at any level. All three Prairie Cave boss quests must be completed in order to gain access to the Nameless Tomb. The main quests requires you to kill the Bosses and get it's quest drop to complete. Emissary Greed is not included in the main quest or Mission Order. Monsters here drops Concentrated Power of the Grassland.

map04.png Nearest Soul Preservation Point: Kaslow Plains (230 , 585)

map03.png Nearest Teleport: Kaslow City

map15.png Mission Order: Levels 20 - 30

map16.png Quests:
The Seal of the Prairie Cave
Mystery of Lake Mila
Monster Beneath the Lake
Rumors about Lake Mila

NPC's: Prairie Cave NPC's
Quests: Prairie Cave Quests
Monsters: Prairie Cave Monsters
Antoraya Natural Parasite
Antoraya is the lowest lvl boss as well as the easiest boss of Prairie Cave, taking the form of a giant spider. On low health, the boss will begin using a Plague State 2 AoE that makes healing impossible.
Ohmudo Grassland Trampler
The "second" boss is Prairie Cave is Ohmudo, a giant stone golem. This enemy is capable of blocking off skill use for the whole party and can inflict high physical damage. It is also capable of casting AoEs which require healers to stay at a distance.
Rubis Dark Watchdog
The "third" boss in Prairie Cave is also one of the harder ones. Rubis is a giant skeletal dog creature that is able to attack quickly as well as use AOEs that reduce the afflicted's movement and attack speed. Rubis is also capable of stealer it's target MP. On low health, he will begin spamming the seal status, making active skill usage impossible.
Emissary Greed Giant Enemy Crab
Greed is the dungeon's final boss, at lvl 30, Greed is a weird looking crab monster that's not to be taken lightly. Its attacks are mostly physical and it's greatest threat is the Stun state where you are unable to perform any actions whatsoever. The boss is capable of repeatedly casting the skill (and frequently does so). Greed also is able to cast a debuff which decreases the total amount of HP/MP of the tank.
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