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Offensive Stats
Stat Description
Damage How much damage you can dish out to your opponents.
Crit Chance of doing greater damage with your attacks and periodic damage.
Speed How fast your skill cooldowns are as well as the speed at which your do-over-time attacks tick.

Defensive Stats
Stat Description
Health If you run out of health, you are knocked out
Defense Reduce the amount of damage you take.
Evade Chance of dodging the attacks of your opponents.

Derived Stats
Stat Description
Crit DMG When you do crit. Determines how much more you hurt them!
Accuracy Chance to hit the enemy for sure(to reduce enemy's EVA to 0% for that atack).
Heal Determines your G-Heal and P-Healing healing skill. G-Healing (Active healing/restoration skills), P-Healing (passive healing/regeneration)
Movement Determines how fast you move around.

Health||No cap
Maximum Cap for Offensive/Defensive Stats
Stat Maximum Cap
DamageNo cap
Critical Hit Chance100%
Defense 75%
Critical Hit Damage 300%
Accuracy 75%
Movement SpeedNo cap
Damage Reduction75%
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