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Player Shops allow you to list up to 10 items for sale without having to pay any taxes or fees. Just set up your shop in the designated areas and add items. The only catch is that your character is not able to do any actions while having a Player Shop opened.

Player Shop Requirements

  • Must be Level 20 or higher
  • Must be in one of these areas in Aven: Courthouse (258,424), City Hall (334,340) and the Temple Knights' Hall (422,340). They are marked as "Market Zone" on the town map.


How to Set Up your Shop

  • In one of the designated areas in Aven, open up your inventory by hitting B.
  • With the backpack open, click the orange icon to open the Player Shop window.
  • To add items, Click an item in your inventory and drag it to the top left slot in the Player Shop window, or right-click the items with your shop window opened. Then enter the price you want for the item, and hit Add.
  • The added items will show up in the bottom box.
  • Name your shop by entering text in the box in the top right of your shop window.
  • After adding and pricing your items, select Begin Sale on the bottom right of the shop window.


How to Buy from a Player Shop

  • Right click a character who has their shop opened to open their shop window.
  • Select an item from their shop list and then click Buy at the bottom to purchase items.


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