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When the player reaches lv35, the player can visit the innkeeper at Aven (318, 307).

  • Only one home can be rented out per player, along with Rent payment, and Decoration.

Please Note: Rent begins at 52 coin_gold_zpsff320f1c.png 0 coin_silver_zps0babd2e1.png per week, starting from Lv35, every level obtained after Lv35
adds an additional 500 th_coin_silver.png to your owed Rent when you go to pay it the following Week.

There is no difference in the houses.

Places to Rent a Home

Aven House Manager (Aven 318, 307)
Golden City House Manager (Golden Plains 421, 292)
Guild Town : Forest Eden House Manager (Forest Eden: 113, 130)
Guild Town : Mountain Eden House Manager (Mountain Eden: 147, 125)

  • Please Note: Players must enter the home in the city they registered at.

Paying Rent

  • When a player does not pay rent for 10 weeks straight, then the Home is lost.


Please Note: Even if the player rents back a home after the 10 weeks are up the items are no longer there, due
to being reposessed.

  • There currently is no option to automatically give up on the house.

Players may view the rent amount by speaking with the Aven Innkeeper.

  • Players may also view their home, and search for other home owners.


  • If a player wishes to keep their obtained Furniture before the home is repossessed, they may store the Furniture in the Bank.
  • If a Guild has disbanded, the players Home will be moved to Aven.

Authority Settings

Players may choose who they want to view their Home.

  • To access this setting speak with the Innkeeper/Housing Manager.


  • Select Set Authority on the bottom right of the Housing Menu.


A small window will pop up with Authority options. The owner may then set to what kind of players may and may not enter the Eden home.

  • authoritymyself.jpg Yourself
  • authoritycouple.jpg Couple
  • authorityfriends.jpg Friendslist
  • authorityguild.jpg Guild
  • authorityoutsider.jpg Anyone

Placing Furniture

Once a player has obtained Furniture they may use it to decorate their home.

  • To decorate the Home the player must enter the home.

Go to the Warehouse located next to the Butler.


Once at the Inner housing Menu, players have the option to take items out of their Bank.


  • If the owner wishes to take Furniture out of the Bank, they will need to place in their Inventory/Backpack first and then place it in the Warehouse.


Once the player has the Furniture on hand in the Inventory, they can go back to the main Warehouse menu, and click on "Open my Furniture Warehouse".


Please Note: If the owner opens the Warehouse any other players will be removed from the home.

Please Note: Once the owner places Furniture in their Warehouse they will be notified upon the item being bound.

Once the owner has the Furniture ready they may select "Decoration Mode".


While in "Decoration Mode" the owner may select the desired item they wish to decorate with.

Please Note: Items that have an E on them are items currently out and placed in the home.


Select the item and place it in the desired area.

Please Note: Items will glow red if they may not be place in that area.

  • When the owner is satisfied with the item, they may click confirm to place it.


Once the player is finished they may select "Regular Mode" to exit out of decorating or simply select x on the window.


Furniture Warehouse

If a player wishes to rent more space in their home, they may do so by speaking to their Butler.

  • Players must be in the home to expand the warehouse.

Speak to the Butler and select the "Open My Furniture Warehouse" option. From there, proceed to click the lower left handed Expansion Slot icon, and it will give you the option to rent more space.


Each of the 3 extra Furniture Warehouse rental slots cost more expensive as the player acquires more space.

  • 1st Slot Expansion: 1,500 coin_gold_zpsff320f1c.png 0 coin_silver_zps0babd2e1.png
  • 2nd Slot Expansion: 3,500 coin_gold_zpsff320f1c.png 0 coin_silver_zps0babd2e1.png
  • 3rd Slot Expansion: 7,500 coin_gold_zpsff320f1c.png 0 coin_silver_zps0babd2e1.png

Hosting a Banquet

For future GM Banquet date&time see, EE Official Events Forum

Banquets can be hosted once a day and players can gain EXP during the party and obtain a special buff when the party ends.

  • Different parties from different Banquet Plans have different effects.

Players can purchase a Banquet plan at their Inkeeper/House Manager, however the Home needs to have proper Comfort/Luxury/Rarity points met from the placed Furniture, to Host particular Banquets.

Put the banquet plan into the open slot in the upper left of the window and press the Banquet Event button at the bottom.

Please Note: There needs to be at the least 3 Players in the hosted home for the party to begin.

Banquet Proposal

Icon Name Rarity Requirement Comfort Requirement Luxury Requirement Temporary EffectContinuous Effect
?plugin=ref&page=%A5%CF%A5%A6%A5%B8%A5%F3%A5%B0&src=%A4%AA%C3%E3.png Tea Party 40 80 100% EXP
50% CP
Max HP +2% for 2 Hours
?plugin=ref&page=%A5%CF%A5%A6%A5%B8%A5%F3%A5%B0&src=%A4%AA%C3%E3.png Private Party 36 84 50% EXP
100% CP
ATK & M-ATK +5% for 2 Hours
?plugin=ref&page=%A5%CF%A5%A6%A5%B8%A5%F3%A5%B0&src=%A5%B1%A1%BC%A5%AD.png Bakery Event 126 54 110% EXP
60% CP
Movement Speed +5% for 2 Hours
?plugin=ref&page=%A5%CF%A5%A6%A5%B8%A5%F3%A5%B0&src=%A5%B1%A1%BC%A5%AD.png Cake Party 160 120 60% EXP
110% CP
CRIT Rate & M-CRIT Rate +5% for 2 Hours
?plugin=ref&page=%A5%CF%A5%A6%A5%B8%A5%F3%A5%B0&src=%A4%AA%C3%E3.png Fine Dessert Party 72 168 120% EXP
70% CP
P-DMG -5% for 2 Hours
?plugin=ref&page=%A5%CF%A5%A6%A5%B8%A5%F3%A5%B0&src=%A4%AA%C3%E3.png Garden High Tea 150 90 70% EXP
120% CP
M-DMG -5% for 2 Hours
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