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Starting from level 10, you can begin to unveil artworks of the game and gain rewards for completion.

Every 5 levels, two artworks become available. Each one is covered by 24 tiles with a level-stamp on it. You can remove those tiles by paying some Silver coins if your level is high enough.

The completion is possible at level 15 for the level 10 artworks, at level 20 for the level 15 ones and so on. Rewards are in EXP, various items and Skill Points.

The digital artworks on level 20 and 30 puzzles are class-specific.


Starting Level Level to Complete Title Cost of Block Cost of Puzzle Rewards
10 15 Twice as Nice 1S 0G 24S Exp: 3000
Skill Pts: 1
15 20 Tender Diva 2S 0G 48S Exp: 8000
Skill Pts: 1
15 20 Three Wishes 2S 0G 48S Exp: 8000
Base Crimson Stardust Sliver
5x Base Pet Energy Drink
20 25 Her back (DE)
Hiding? (ME)
I Need a Hero (PU)
Moonbeam (SE)
Her Straps (SW)
Mmm... Yummy? (WH)
5S 1G 20S Exp: 50000
Skill Pts: 1
20 25 Puppetmaster 5S 1G 20S Exp: 50000
Base Crimson Stardust Shard
10x Base Pet Energy Drink
25 30 Lap of Luxury 10S 2G 40S Exp: 150000
Skill Pts: 1
25 30 Like a Glove 10S 2G 40S Exp: 150000
Base Emerald Stardust Shard
Base CP Hypovial(250)
30 35 Venus? (DE)
Innocece?[sic] (ME)
Awaiting You (PU)
Don't tease me (SE)
Wanna take it off (SW)
Beautiful Curves (WH)
15S 3G 60S
30 35 I'm Touched 15S 3G 60S
35 39 Get My Drift? 20S 4G 80S
35 39 Cheer Me On 20S 4G 80S
40 42 Teach Me 25S 6G 0S
40 42 Red Shoe Diary 25S 6G 0S
42 44 My Treat 30S 7G 20S
42 44 Start Now 30S 7G 20S
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