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Basic Information

Pets are passive followers of your Arkana when you first acquire them. Their most basic function is to improve your HP and SP regeneration rate. Pets can be enhanced with Datachips for increased usefulness.

Pets do not have health, instead they have a fullness bar which depletes itself at a rate of -4% / 5 minutes. It can be replenished by using various Pet Foods, or simply by not having the Pet summoned, in which case it will regenerate its fullness at a rate of 2% / 5 minutes.

Note: Fullness and EXP gain timer are reset every time the pet is summoned.

Pet List

There are multiple species of pets available for the player to choose from, each has a different appearance and personality. Apart from offering different aesthetics, pets can be sub categorized further as free pets and as Item-Mall pets or AP pets. Item-Mall pets offer superior benefits to their Arkana (see Pet Skills section). The following is a list of all pets currently available in the game.

Free Pets (do not give your Arkana HP, only SP):

  • Madfly

Item-Mall Pets (give both HP and SP in the same amount):

  • Derpy
  • Rapture
  • Leca
  • Kelpie
  • Efil
  • Coit
  • Flek
  • Greyhaze
  • Norb
  • Gruel
  • Bengal (Available in RG and FK colors)
  • Siberia (Available in RG and FK colors)
  • Panda (Available in RG and FK colors)
  • Hatchling

Pet Speech

Occasionally pets will make some kind of comment based on different situations occurring while they are summoned. Each species of pet has its own personality, which is reflected in the comments they make. A full list of every pet comment can be found here: Pet Speech Table.

Pet Mechanics

Base Stats

Pets have the ability to increase certain basic stats of their Arkana by merely being summoned and without the need of having any Datachips equipped. These are called Base Stats and are the same for all pets.

Base Stats
Level Range Non-Combat HP Restoration Non-Combat SP Restoration In-Combat SP Restoration
1 - 4 +10 +1 +1
5 - 9 +15 +2
10 - 14 +20 +3 +2
15 - 19 +25 +4
20 - 24 +30 +5 +3
25 - 29 +35 +6
30 - 32 +40 +7 +4
33 - 34 +45 +8
35 - 37 +50 +9 +5
38 - 39 +55 +10
40 +60 +11 +6

Pet Skills

Just like an Arkana will obtain Skill Points as she gains levels and EXP, so will pets gain their own independent Pet Skill Points. And just like Arkanas can invest these Skill Points to obtain and improve their own predetermined set of skills, so can pets. With every new level pets will obtain one extra Pet Skill Point starting from level 2 and up to 30, and from level 31 to 45 pets will gain two extra Pet Skill Points per level. Currently, there are only two kinds of skills a pet can have, which are Max HP and Max SP. All pets provide the exact same Pet Skills with the exception of Madfly (see below).

AP Pet Skills

AP Pets are pets that usually owe their origin to some form of AP (Aeria Points) transaction, and thus are considered premium (or non-free) entities. Due to their premium status, AP Pets provide a superior set of Pet Skills compared to free pets. A complete list of AP Pets (as well as free pets) can be found here. The following tables show all Pet Skills available for AP Pets.

Max HP (Pet Skill)*
Skill Level Bonus Effect Required Pet-Level
Lv.01 +20 HP Lv.1+
Lv.02 +40 HP Lv.3+
Lv.03 +60 HP Lv.5+
Lv.04 +80 HP Lv.7+
Lv.05 +100 HP Lv.9+
Lv.06 +150 HP Lv.11+
Lv.07 +200 HP Lv.13+
Lv.08 +250 HP Lv.15+
Lv.09 +300 HP Lv.17+
Lv.10 +400 HP Lv.20+
Lv.11 +500 HP Lv.21+
Lv.12 +600 HP Lv.22+
Lv.13 +700 HP Lv.23+
Lv.14 +900 HP Lv.24+
Lv.15 +1,100 HP Lv.25+
Lv.16 +1,400 HP Lv.26+
Lv.17 +1,700 HP Lv.27+
Lv.18 +2,000 HP Lv.28+
Lv.19 +2,500 HP Lv.29+
Lv.20 +3,000 HP Lv.30+
Lv.21 +3,500 HP Lv.31+
Lv.22 +4,000 HP Lv.32+
Lv.23 +4,500 HP Lv.33+
Lv.24 +5,000 HP Lv.34+
Lv.25 +5,500 HP Lv.35+
Lv.26 +6,000 HP Lv.36+
Lv.27 +6,500 HP Lv.37+
Lv.28 +7,000 HP Lv.38+
Lv.29 +7,500 HP Lv.39+
Lv.30 +8,000 HP Lv.40+
Max SP (Pet Skill)*
Skill Level Bonus Effect Required Pet-Level
Lv.01 +20 SP Lv.1+
Lv.02 +30 SP Lv.3+
Lv.03 +40 SP Lv.5+
Lv.04 +50 SP Lv.7+
Lv.05 +70 SP Lv.9+
Lv.06 +90 SP Lv.11+
Lv.07 +110 SP Lv.13+
Lv.08 +130 SP Lv.15+
Lv.09 +150 SP Lv.17+
Lv.10 +170 SP Lv.19+
Lv.11 +200 SP Lv.21+
Lv.12 +240 SP Lv.22+
Lv.13 +290 SP Lv.23+
Lv.14 +350 SP Lv.24+
Lv.15 +420 SP Lv.25+
Lv.16 +490 SP Lv.26+
Lv.17 +560 SP Lv.27+
Lv.18 +630 SP Lv.28+
Lv.19 +700 SP Lv.29+
Lv.20 +770 SP Lv.30+

* These stats only apply to AP Pets, which are all pets except for Madfly.

Non-AP Pet Skills

Currently there is only one non-AP (free) pet available in the game, known as Madfly. Because it is a free pet, Madfly provides inferior Pet Skills to its Arkana when compared to those provided by AP Pets (see AP Pet Skills). Madfly provides a limited version of the SP Skill, and unlike AP pets, it provides no HP Skill.

Max SP (Pet Skill)**
Skill Level Bonus Effect Required Pet-Level
Lv.01 +5 SP Lv.1+
Lv.02 +10 SP Lv.2+
Lv.03 +15 SP Lv.3+
Lv.04 +20 SP Lv.4+
Lv.05 +25 SP Lv.5+
Lv.06 +30 SP Lv.6+
Lv.07 +35 SP Lv.7+
Lv.08 +40 SP Lv.8+
Lv.09 +45 SP Lv.9+
Lv.10 +50 SP Lv.10+
Lv.11 +60 SP Lv.11+
Lv.12 +70 SP Lv.12+
Lv.13 +80 SP Lv.13+
Lv.14 +90 SP Lv.14+
Lv.15 +100 SP Lv.15+
Lv.16 +110 SP Lv.16+
Lv.17 +120 SP Lv.17+
Lv.18 +130 SP Lv.18+
Lv.19 +140 SP Lv.19+
Lv.20 +150 SP Lv.20+
Lv.21 +165 SP Lv.21+
Lv.22 +180 SP Lv.22+
Lv.23 +195 SP Lv.23+
Lv.24 +210 SP Lv.24+
Lv.25 +225 SP Lv.25+
Lv.26 +240 SP Lv.26+
Lv.27 +255 SP Lv.27+
Lv.28 +270 SP Lv.28+
Lv.29 +285 SP Lv.29+
Lv.30 +300 SP Lv.30+

** These stats only apply to Madfly pet.

Pet Experience

Pets have their own EXP required for them to level-up. They gain EXP at a fixed amount over time simply by having them out. Certain zones give different rates such as in the Delilah Nightclub, where pets will gain more EXP. With each new level, pets gain better improvements and Skill Points, which can be spent to increase their abilities.

Values of earned EXP (rates by zones):

  • Pet is out anywhere except in the Delilah Nightclub, VIP Lounge, or Nemesis : +10 EXP / 2 minutes (300 EXP / h).
  • Pet is out while you are in the Delilah Nightclub or Nemesis : +18 EXP / 2 minutes (540 EXP / h).
  • Pet is out in the VIP Lounge : +25 EXP / 2 minutes (750 EXP / h).

The different mall items ("Pet EXP Boosters") add their own rates independently on top of the previously mentioned rates.

Time Calculation for Pet Experience

The amount of minutes needed to gain any amount of Pet EXP is given by the following relation where time is a function of Pet EXP:


Qjvvbtl.png is the amount of Pet EXP we want to calculate time for.
g7WgdcB.png is the sum of all EXP gained per tick only (from medallion, EXP Chip, Delilah Lounge, etc.). Exclude Pet Drink EXP.
ZBepHvU.png is the EXP gained per each dose of Pet EXP Drink. Exclude any EXP gained from ticks.
tedO6xW.png is the default game tick rate for pet EXP gain (in minutes). This is always equal to 2.
lpBUp9h.png is the amount of time removed by the Growth Acceleration chip (in seconds). This is 0 if the chip is not equipped.
aHFSbOl.png is the cooldown time of the EXP Drink being used (in minutes). This is usually 60.

For example, if we want to know how much time it takes for our pet to gain 5,396,500 Exp (the amount required to get a pet from level 1 to 40), and assuming the perpetual usage of Premium Medallion Lv. 1, VIP Room in Delilah Lounge, EXP Boost Pet Datachip L2, Pet Datachip: Growth Accelerator L1, 9 Hr Pet EXP Booster (+13), and Pet Drinks (1000 EXP), then we would have:


which yields 137,557.84 minutes, or 95.53 days.

Pet Levels

Currently, there are a total of 40 possible levels a pet can have.

Pet EXP by Level
Level EXP Needed for Next Level Minimum Cumulative EXP Earned at this Level
1 300 0
2 600 300
3 1,000 900
4 1,500 1,900
5 2,200 3,400
6 3,100 5,600
7 4,300 8,700
8 5,800 13,000
9 7,700 18,800
10 10,000 26,500
11 12,800 36,500
12 16,100 49,300
13 20,000 65,400
14 24,500 85,400
15 29,700 109,900
16 35,600 139,600
17 42,400 175,200
18 50,100 217,600
19 58,800 267,700
20 68,600 326,500
21 79,600 395,100
22 91,800 474,700
23 105,200 566,500
24 119,900 671,700
25 135,900 791,600
26 153,300 927,500
27 172,100 1,080,800
28 192,400 1,252,900
29 214,300 1,445,300
30 237,800 1,659,600
31 263,000 1,897,400
32 289,900 2,160,400
33 318,600 2,450,300
34 349,100 2,768,900
35 381,600 3,118,000
36 416,100 3,499,600
37 453,100 3,915,700
38 492,600 4,368,800
39 535,100 4,861,400
40 580,600 5,396,500 Current Maximum Level
41 629,600 5,977,100
42 682,100 6,606,700
43 738,600 7,288,800
44 799,100 8,027,400
45 Not Applicable (Highest Level Attainable) 8,826,500

Pet Enhancement

After a set amount of levels have been gained, a Datachip slot can be unlocked, and some of the pet's Base Stats values will be increased. Pets gain a new Datachip slot at levels: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 33, 35, 38, 40... Moreover, with every new level pets will obtain one extra Pet Skill Point starting from level 2 and up to 30, and from level 31 to 45 pets will gain two extra Pet Skill Points per level.

In addition to this, after every ten levels, the pet's appearance will be slightly modified (it will "evolve"), along with other improvements. The only pets that do not "evolve" their appearance no matter what level they are at are Bengal, Siberia, Panda, and Hatchling. Currently, no "evolved" appearance exists for any pet that has reached Level 40 and beyond (pets that reach these levels keep their Level 30-39 appearance).

It is important to remember that every time a pet gains the ability to have a Datachip slot unlocked it will no longer gain EXP anymore until you click on the Upgrade button in the pet interface.


Pet Datachips are special items that can be equipped on a pet's unoccupied pet-slot to improve its Arkana's abilities. Using more than one Pet Datachip of the same type (with the same kind of stats) is not permitted. Pet Datachips will only work if the pet equipping them is summoned.

Pet Datachip List
Name Stats Notes
ACC Pet Datachip L1 (NT) +5% ACC
ACC Pet Datachip L2 +8% ACC
Aggro Pet Datachip L1 (NT) (None) Aggro: +5%
Aggro Pet Datachip L2 (None) Aggro: +8%
Arkana EXP Datachip (None) Monster/PvP EXP: +5%
Arkana EXP Datachip L2 (None) Monster/PvP EXP: +8%
Attack Pet Datachip L1 (NT) +5% Min ATK
+5% Max ATK
Attack Pet Datachip L2 +8% Min ATK
+8% Max ATK
Chakra Attack Pet Datachip L2 +9% Min Ch-ATK
+9% Max Ch-ATK
CP Regen Pet Datachip L1 (NT) +3 non-combat CP regen
+1 combat CP regen
CP Regen Pet Datachip L2 +5 non-combat CP regen
+2 combat CP regen
DEF Pet Datachip L1 (NT) +10 DEF
DEF Pet Datachip L2 +15 DEF
Evasion Pet Datachip L1 (NT) +300 EVA
Evasion Pet Datachip L2 +500 EVA
EXP Boost Pet Datachip L1 (None) Pet EXP rate: +2
EXP Boost Pet Datachip L2 (None) Pet EXP rate: +4
Fetch Pet Datachip L1 (NT) (None) Allows a pet to pick up dropped items for you.
HP Regen Pet Datachip L1 (NT) +20 non-combat HP regen
+10 combat HP regen
HP Regen Pet Datachip L2 +30 non-combat HP regen
+15 combat HP regen
Max HP Pet Datachip L1 (NT) +200 MaxHP
Max HP Pet Datachip L2 +400 MaxHP
Max SP Pet Datachip L1 (NT) +100 MaxSP
Max SP Pet Datachip L2 +200 MaxSP
Move SPD Pet Datachip L1 (NT) +5 MOVE SPD
Move SPD Pet Datachip L2 +8 MOVE SPD
Pet Datachip: Chakra Accuracy L1 +5% Ch-ACC
Pet Datachip: Chakra Attack L1 +6% Min Ch-ATK
+6% Max Ch-ATK
Pet Datachip: Chakra EVA L1 +700 Ch-EVA
Pet Datachip: Crit Def L1 +700 Crit-VOID
Pet Datachip: Crit EVA L1 +300 Crit-EVA
Pet Datachip: Crit Power L1 +700 Crit-ATK
Pet Datachip: Criti Rate L1 +300 Crit. Rate
Pet Datachip: Gold Collector L1 (None) Gold Increase: +10%
Pet Datachip: Growth Accelerator L1 (None) Pet EXP waiting time reduced by 3 seconds.
Pet Datachip: Healing L1 (None) Healing Boost: +2%
Pet Datachip: Hunting Experience L1 (None) Hunting EXP: +10%
Pet Datachips: Drop Rate Increase L1 (None) Drop Rate: +5%
PvP DEF Pet Datachip L1 (NT) +30 PvP DEF
PvP DEF Pet Datachip L2 +50 PvP DEF
Regen Pet Datachip L1 (NT) (None) Healing Amount: +50
Regen Pet Datachip L2 (None) Healing Amount: +70
Resist Pet Datachip L1 (NT) +500 Gravity
+700 all other Resistances
Resist Pet Datachip L2 +700 Gravity
+1000 all other Resistances
SP Regen Pet Datachip L1 (NT) +10 non-combat SP regen
+5 combat SP regen
SP Regen Pet Datachip L2 +15 non-combat SP regen
+7 combat SP regen
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