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As of January 16th, 2013 maintenance the Pet System has been renewed.

For Pet Pray Stats see, Pet Pray Abilities.

For Pet List see, here.

For information on the Pet System and Pets see, Pet Guide.


Obtaining A Pet

At level 4, after you have completed the initial Limestone Mountain quests, speak to Village Head Andrew in Limestone Mountain to receive the quest: Oracle Magi I.


Before you can use your pet, you must equip it by right-clicking the pet's icon in your inventory (B). Once you equip your pet, it will follow you everywhere you go and pick up loot.

Pet Skills, Feeding a Pet, and Remaining a Pet

To begin to use a pet, players must first complete the 'Lv25 Combat Skill' quest.


Now that your pet is able to attack, you must know how to control it.

rAC5DmV.png 4kg8v3F.png

Icon Title Detail
icon_pet01.jpg Loot/Combat Mode Switch your Pet from Loot/Combat mode.
icon_pet02.jpg Pet Auto Attack Enabled when a pet is in combat.
icon_pet03.jpg Pet Skill Pet skills differ for each pet.
icon_pet05.jpg Pet Action 1 Differs for each pet.
icon_pet06.jpg Pet Action 2 Differs for each pet.
icon_pet07.jpg Rest Allows play to rest their pet.

When you have a pet equipped with durability higher than 1, your pet will lose energy in Battle status, when it's actively fighting monsters.

  • When it reaches 1/100 energy, your pet will continue to pick up items for you, but it will no longer assist you in battle. In order to keep up your pet's energy, you must feed it.



Naming your pet is a great way to personalize it.

  • Pets can be renamed with a pet name tag.


  • Go to your pet window, and click Rename.


Pet Grades

There are 3 Grades of Pets:


  • Normal pets can have one Battle Ability, but no Pray Ability.


  • Alpha pets can have one Battle Ability and one Pray Ability.


  • Prime pets can have two Battle Abilities and two Pray Ability.

Pet Window

Players may accsess the pet window by clicking the Z5Kvp21.png icon on the bottom of your screen.


1. Pet List This section of the Pet System window shows all the pets that you currently have in the system. Note that once you place a pet into the Pet System, you cannot put them back into your bag as an "item" unless you use a Pet Unbind Stone. Using a Pet Unbind Stone also resets the Pet's level and name, but will still keep its abilities and skills. You also have the option to turn your pets back into an "item" by clicking the "Seal Locked" button at the cost of 10g. It will still be bound to you. You will then have the ability to archive it.

2. Pet Gear Each pet can equip two pet weapons and two pet accessories. However, two identical accessories cannot be equipped at the same time. Pet weapons can also be upgraded to the maximum of +10 via the Fortification Window. Additional effects will not be added to Pet weapons that have been upgraded to +6,+8, and +10.

3. Pet Status


This set of buttons will allow you to set your pet to a certain status, as well as rename and combine them!

  • Rest - This sets your pet to an inactive state.
  • Battle - This sets your pet to provide support in battle and fight along side you! Please note that you must complete the mission "L.25 Pet's Combat Skill" in order for your pets to learn how to combat.
  • Pray - This sets another pet to provide support on the sidelines! While you have a pet in battle, you can have another pet to provide defensive support at the same time!


  • Unbind - With a Pet Unbind Stone, you can turn your pet back into an "item", and place them back into your bag. Doing this will reset its level and name, but will keep its skills and abilities.
  • Rename - This allows you to change your pet's name with the use of a Pet Nametag.
  • Advanced- This feature becomes available when your pets reach level 40. You may choose one primary pet to combine with a secondary pet. After the fusion, pet's basic attributes will increase, and will depend on the quality of the pet (for example if it is a Blue, Green, or White pet). Pets that have gone through the fusion will become the primary pet, and the secondary pet used in the fusion will vanish, and the completed primary pet's level will return to 1. During fusion, combat and pray skills from either pet will be selected at random.

Once you have successfully fused a pet, your pet will gain a star rating. Currently, the maximum star level is 2. Fusion can only be done with pets that are the same star level.


4. Pet Lunch Box You can feed your pets again! Just stick your pet food in that little box, and click the "Feed" button to feed your hungry pets!

5. Pet Info Window Here, you can view your pet's statistics, level, skills and attributes.

Unbinding a Pet

With the use of Pet Unbind Stone, you can unbind your pet.

This means that you can retain your pet’s level, and unbind it.

  • For example, if you have a level 50 pet, and you use a Pet Unbind Stone, the pet will retain its current level, and become unbound. You can give it to a player of any level, and when that player equips it, the pet will still have the same level and stats. So if you give it to a level 20 player, they can equip it and the pet still will be level 50.

Pet Gear

Players can obtain Pet Toy Boxes from Legion Elites, Merchant in Aven(299, 306), Arena merchant Maru(437, 384) in Aven Legion elite boxes, and Trial drops.


Pet weapons and some Pets can be purchased from <Arena Merchant> Maru in Aven. They can be purchased with Honor Stars.


Leveling Your Pet

Pets will all start out at level 1. You can now level your pet so that it can be a bigger aid to you during your journey through Eden Eternal

  • Like leveling your character, you can help your pet gain EXP by defeating monsters within five levels of yourself.

Every pet will have four stats, and every time your pet levels, those four stats increase.

  • The current stats your pet has are:


Pet Fusion

Pets can now be combined with other pets to change their Pray and Battle skills.

Both pets have to be above 40 for pet fusion to be able to occur.

Both pets have to be in the Rest status, without any pet equipment.

  • When both pets have fulfilled those two requirements, you can select the “Advanced” option. Macz4Pr.png
  • When fusing pets, the resulting pet will retain the color of the Advanced Pet (blue, green or white) as well as the energy of the pet (durability). For example, if a prime pet was the Advanced Pet and it was fused with a green pet, the resulting pet will still be a prime pet.
  • The Advanced Pet and Pet Assistant’s Pray and Battle skills will be put in a pot, essentially, and randomly selected for the new pet. So if your Advanced Pet is blue, then you will have two Pray skills and two Battle skills, and it can be any combination of the Pray and Battle skills of the two pets you fused. If your primary pet is green, then you can only have one Pray and one Battle skill. Fusion will not change the number of skills your primary pet originally had.
  • The grade of your pet stats may be changed too. The letters beside each individual stat may change during fusion. During fusion, each pet will get three increases to their stat grade. The increases could be to any random stat, with repeats.


  • After fusion, the Pet Assistant will disappear, and you will be left with your Advanced Pet, which may or may not have the same skills as before.

Because these skills are randomly chosen, you may have a pet that has the same skills as before.

The highest amount of stars a pet can get is currently two.

  • If you don’t want to change the Pray skills of your pet, simply use a Pet Bible.
  • If you don’t want to change the Battle skills of your pet, you can use a Pet Battle Theory book to lock your pet’s Battle skills so that they won’t change during fusion.
  • If you’re just looking to increase your pet’s stats, use a Pet Skills Lock Book.
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