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Fighting and Death

Your pet grows as your character fights and gains levels. Your pet cannot attack during a fight, but it can be attacked by other monsters and characters. Therefore, you must pay attention to your pet, defend your pet, and take care of it.

  • A hit on your pet will always only take 1 vital point. When its vital points become 0, the summoning of your pet is cancelled and will be sealed (the pet icon will remain in your inventory). When this happens, you cannot summon your pet for a period of time. If the vital points are reduced but not sealed, they can be recovered by feeding your pet magical herbs you gather from the farms located on Iris.
  • Sealed time depends on the pet level; 1Lv ~ 20Lv = 5 hours (game time); 21Lv ~ 40Lv = time); 41Lv ~ 60Lv = 17 hours (Game Time). Summoning is blocked during this time.
  • A sealed pet can be released, if a character hunts for this amount of time. Killing monsters of a lower level than the character is not considered a hunt.
  • Also, you can pay Nas to the Pet Trainer to release the seal immediately. The required amount of Nas increases as the level of a pet increases.

Skills and Training

A pet has levels, and it can level-up by acquiring experience while the owner fights. Leveling-up gives a pet a ‘technical point’, which it can use to learn skills through training (1 point per level). Your pet can learn skills from the Pet Trainer in Juno, within the town of Randol. Passive skills will apply to the pet and the character who summons the pet.

Compatibility and Hungriness

When a pet is summoned and spends time with the character its compatibility level increases. The more time the pet spends summoned, the hungrier it gets. You can check your pet’s hungriness and compatibility level while your pet is summoned in the pet’s status window. These values play the following roles:

Hungriness value (Yellow Bar) When a pet is summoned (place in the inventory slot), it will get hungry. A pet will stop moving if its hungriness becomes 0. Feed your pet mining products (perfect stone, flawless stone, quality stone, imperfect stone, and flawed stone) to make it less hungry (higher level products are more filling). To feed the item to a pet, just double click on the stones in your inventory window while the pet is summoned.
Compatibility value Compatibility is decided by how often and how long a pet spends time with its owner. It increases while a pet is summoned, and it decreases while it is not summoned. If it is decreased, the efficiency of acquired passive skills decreases. This can be recovered by feeding it charged products (alpha wave, beta wave, gamma wave, epsilon wave, zeta wave).
Pet vital (Red bar) A Pets Vital Points can be recovered by feeding it: herb flower, herb thorn, green herb leaf, herb stem, or yellow herb leaf.

Pet Stages of Life

Your pet will have different stages of life. First the Dragon starts off as a Hatchling while the Horse starts off as a pony. Once it reaches lvl 16 the hatchling becomes a drake and the pony becomes a horse. The final stage is at lvl 31 in which the drake becomes a dragon and the horse becomes a knightmare. At this point you are able to mount your pet if you talk to the pet trainer. Be careful however, mounting your pet gives it new benefits but loses the old ones.

Experience points required for your pet at certain levels to gain in order for it to level up:

Level XP Needed for Next Level
1 654
2 712
3 777
4 826
5 923
6 1006
7 1096
8 1195
9 1303
10 1420
11 1548
12 1687
13 1839
14 2005
15 2185
16 2382
17 2596
18 2830
19 3084
20 3362
21 3665
22 3995
23 4354
24 4746
25 5173
26 5639
27 6147
28 6700
29 7303
30 7960
31 8677
32 9457
33 10309
34 11237
35 12248
36 13350
37 14552
38 15862
39 17289
40 18845
41 20541
42 22390
43 24405
44 26602
45 28996
46 31606
47 34450
48 37551
49 40930
50 44614
51 48629
52 53006
53 57777
54 62977
55 68644
56 74823
57 81557
58 88897
59 96897
60 105618

If you own a pet and see a problem with this chart, [please post your correction here |]. CALL ME IN GAME MY NAME IS ShooterMD2

Mount training

A pet is a baby when it is summoned at level 1, and it grows larger when it reaches level 16. When the pet’s level is 31 or higher, it can be trained as a mount by the Pet Trainer. This training allows the pet to have its final growth spurt into an adult. This transformation will make all the acquired skills reset, but will put all of the technical points back into its skill point pool. Moreover, further leveling-up is blocked. Therefore you must choose wisely when to train your pet into a mount. Pets trained as mounts will provide faster movement, and bring about chances to learn new skills and techniques.

Skill Skill Effect
Increase power Increase owner’s attack power
Increase armor Increase owner’s defense power
Magical power Increase owner’s magical offense power up
Magical defense Increase owner’s magical defense power up
HP UP Increase the owner’s maximum life power
MP UP Increase the owner’s maximum mana
Mount Animal
Crying (horse) Ridicule enemies to fight
Offensive hauling (horse) Improve the attack power of party members
Defensive hauling (horse) Improve the defense power of party members
HP/MP UP(horse) Improve the owner’s life and mana
Dragon roar (dragon) Curse enemies to decrease their attack speed and moving speed
Dragon breath (dragon) Attack enemies with wide range flame
Dragon poison (dragon) Attack enemies with wide range poison
HP/MP UP(dragon) Improve the owner’s life and mana
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