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Through regular game play, the items needed to start the pet quest will be dropped by monsters. Either the Pan's Flute or a Drake Egg will start the pet quest. After acquiring one of these items, bring them to the Lorraine in Randol, and she will give you another quest.

Lorraine will direct you to Jaja, the archeaologist in Dratan. To get to Dratan, you will need to speak to Teleporter Eteal to be teleported to Dratan (at no cost).

Pet type Quest name Item Name NPC giving the quest
Horse Pan’s flute pet_panflute.jpg Pan’s flute Lorraine in Randol
Dragon Secret of Drake’s egg pet_drakeegg.jpg Drake’s egg Lorraine in Randol

After speaking to Jajan, he will convert your Drake Egg into a baby dragon pet and your Pan Flute into a pony. The icons for Drake Egg and Pan Flute in your inventory will be replaced by a Lvl 1 Pet Icon. You can either double click on your pet’s icon, or drag and drop your pet’s icon into your equipped accessories slot. Your pet will only appear next to you outside of cities or dungeons.

Pets will need to be raised and fed to be mountable. Check out the next guide on raising pet Raising a pet.

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