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Players can form parties, or groups, to overcome challenges they otherwise wouldn't be able to defeat. It is recommended to join other players when doing dungeons and bosses.


A party is created when another player is invited and accepts the invite.

  • To invite another player right click the player, or player portrait, and select 'Invite to Party'.


If players wish to leave the party players may right click their character portrait and select 'Leave Party'.

  • Players will not leave the party by going offline. It is until the party disbands or the member is removed for the player to no longer be in the party.

Party Search

In Eden Eternal, there are multiple ways for players to find a party.

Players may use the 'Peer Chat' tab to find players around their general level.

Players may use the Search tab in the Social Window to find players online.

Please Note: Players can change classes in Eden Eternal at any time, making it that much easier to find the healer or tank the party needs.


Players may filter level and class through the Search tab to narrow their search.

Players may also search for a party by other means like World Calls or their guild.

Please Note: There is no level requirement to join a party, so players may want to check the Dungeon level first before joining.

Party Type

There are two types of parties in Eden; Normal and Raid.

Players may convert the party into a raid to do Heroic Trial Dungeons that require 5+ people.

  • To convert the party into a Raid the party leader may right-click their character portrait and select 'Change to Raid'.

Please Note: When in a raid party, players will not get experience or drops from anything that are killed, in order to get exp and loot players need to be in a regular party.

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