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Hit Alt-G for the Party Menu


The Three Different Party Types

  • Form Party (Equal): XP and SP, and loot are split between members.
  • Apply Party (Precedence): XP and SP are split; drops are not, and go to whoever picks it up.
  • Apply Party (Combat): This party is beneficial if members do not attack the same monster. If it is used out of range, the XP and SP become consistent, and are boosted by 10%. If used in range of party members, XP is boosted about 20%, but the SP is split. Drops are also split if party members are in range.

How to Form a Party

Click on the player who you want in your party. Double-click one of the three party types. They will get a pop-up asking them to confirm or cancel this party invitation. Repeat this for additional players to add more members to your party.

Leave Party

Double-click to leave your party. If the Party Leader leaves the party, the next member in the party list is assigned the Leader.


Click the party member, or their name in the party list, and then double-click this to remove them from the party.

Party List

Double-click to toggle the list of party members on or off.

Assign Leader

Only party leaders can assign a new leader. Click a party member, or their name in the party list, and then double-click this to make them the leader.

Party Limitations

  • When adding members to the party, you must use the same party type for everyone (e.g., trying to add someone with a Precedence Party invitation will not work if you are in an Equal Party).
  • You need to be within ten levels of another player to apply for a Combat Party. To get around this, Assign Leader to someone in your party who is within ten levels of the player you wish to add, and have them send the invitation.
  • You need to be within 15 levels of a party member to share XP with each other. This is why trying to train with someone more than 15 levels away from yours is not beneficial.
  • The maximum number of members you can have in a party, including the leader, is eight.
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