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There are two types of parties with the update to Episode 4 ; Normal Party (discussed below) and the Union Party. A party is a group of random players, friends, or guildmates who decide to join up for a while.



In a party, you can work together as a group.

  1. You share Experience with party members close to you
  2. You can kill together, since you share experience
  3. You can handle stronger monsters than you can handle on your own
  4. You can combine the skills of the party members to make great teams

A new advantage to the Normal Party system is the addition of the 'Perfect Party' experience bonus. Normally as you add people to a party the experience share continues to drop, but if you manage to reach 7 people in a Normal Party the experience gained per kill is now doubled and will be displayed as such in the Damage Log area.


  1. In a party, you will get less experience from the monsters you kill. However, if everyone on the party uses their skills to their best, you will be able to kill more monsters or to kill them faster.
  2. Some people act stupid and dont do what they're supposed to do, they just drag the party down
  3. When you go Grinding somewhere else, you and your party won't share experience, so then a party is useless
  4. Even a 2 level difference can drop the strength of the party

Party Chat

To chat in your party, you just have to put an @ and a space in front of your message. Only the people in your party will be able to read this chat.

Example: "@ Hi!" It will display as "[party] [player name] Hi!"

Shortcut: Ctrl + Enter

Player versus Player parties

In PvP, a party is most times the solution to defeat others. As a party, you will work together and you will stand stronger when you meet the enemy. Parties in PvP are mostly looking for certain classes, because a balanced party is stronger most of the times.


Commonly used for fast leveling is boosting. This means you get in a party with someone who is 5 levels higher, when you won't get an experience penalty, but who can slay stronger monsters, which will give the person being lowest level very good experience.

With the upgrade to Episode 4, experience penalties for character level difference have been removed so any level characters can now party and still earn a full share of experience as long as the mobs being killed would normally give experience (i.e. light blue -> purple). Grey and white mobs continue to give no experience to those characters that perceive them as such.


Duos are 2-person parties, just made so 2 people can grind together while still getting reasonable experience, because it's just the two of them. The following duo's are most reccomendable:

  1. Warrior/Fighter and Oracle/Priest
  2. Warrior/Fighter and Warrior/Fighter
  3. Guardian/Defender and Hunter/Archer
  4. Guardian/Defender and Pagan/Mage
  5. Guardian/Defender and Oracle/Priest
  6. Assassin/Ranger and Hunter/Archer
  7. Assassin/Ranger and Pagan/Mage


How do I start a party?

Simply go near a player from the same faction and right click him/her. Click the 'Invite to Party' and the player will get an invite. If the player accepts the invite, you are party leader and you have your own party.

I can't invite

Check if you're party leader. If so, then I would buy a new mouse. If not, ask to be granted party leader and then you can invite/kick people.

My party disappeared

It's most likely you were kicked out of the party or the party was disbanded. If you don't know why, just try to whisper an ex-partymember and ask him/her.

How do I leave a party?

Go to the row where you see your party members and right click your own name. You target yourself now and you see the leave party link. Another option is to ask to get kicked out of the party.

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