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Sometimes you'll run into monsters or quests that you can't handle alone. For these types of situations, you can create or join a party.

What you need to know about parties:

  • The maximum number of players in a party is six
  • The more players in a party, the more total experience the party earns
  • Each party has a party leader: the first member to join.
  • Party members cannot attack each other
  • Each party member can see information about the other members in the party, such as location and status.

Loot Distribution

Loot refers to items that players will receive from monsters' corpses and from quest rewards.

There are four types of loot distribution. Only the party leader can choose the loot distribution mode for the party.

  Mode Description  
Random All party members get random items.
Party Leader Party leaders receive all items.
When the party leader is not present, it will be free loot.
Free The first person to pick the item up gets it.
Orderly Party members take turns looting.
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