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Group: Novice > Fighter > Warrior > Paladin / Berserker > Templar / Warlord


The Paladin is the main tank of the game, because they have very strong defense and high HP. Also, Paladins can heal themselves and cure negative buffs, although not as well as a Cleric or Sage. Paladins become Templars at level 66 after another class change quest. Paladins are able to keep boss and mob aggression ("aggro") by use of high malice-generating skills. Coupled with their high defense and HP, this makes them a sought-after class for dungeons and bosses.


Becoming a Paladin

A Warrior may become a Paladin at lvl 30 by talking to the Class Master after completion of class change quest.


  • Perfect Tank: Extremely high HP and defense, resilient against physical attacks.
  • Skill Variety: Paladin skills contain healing spells, buffs and attacks, giving Paladin some versatility.
  • Arena Prowess: Strong PvP class due to large number of defensive self buffs.
  • Vital to Parties: Always needed for dungeons and bosses,because they have malice skills to keep boss and mob aggression.
  • Healing Ability: Good healing ability for self-healing.
  • Survival Ability: Able to solo dungeons only slightly below their level.


  • Comparatively Low Damage: Weak attack compared with other DPS classes.
  • Kills Slowly: Has a hard time killing others in the arena until higher levels (60+).
  • Magic Defense: Unless properly talented, Paladin naturally has very low magic defense.





  • No Ancient Talents Listed

Mastery System

  • No Mythic

Crafting - Weapons and Armor

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