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Western Release

Aeria's implementation of the Scarlet Blade item mall can be found on the Scarlet Blade website in the Item Mall section.

All purchases through the Item Mall require the use of Aeria Points.

As of 2013-06 the Item Mall contains the following departments (some departments have their own sub-sections):

Korean Release

The cash shop generally does not carry base armour and weapons, but does sell many items required to upgrade the basic gear. These upgrades can occasionally be acquired from elites and bosses. Costumes and many other items which can improve a player's combat effectiveness and are also sold. Most or all items available from the shop have a chance to drop from the chests in some PvP arenas.

All items acquired from the cash shop can also be sold through the player market for in-game currency(gold). Thus there is no strict "pay to win" requirement for players, who must instead consider "how much is my time worth".

Gold is difficult to acquire at high levels but due to market forces this has no effect on the time and effort represented by the auction-house price for cash-shop items. The main sources of gold for max level players are daily PvP quests and levelling new characters for the story quest rewards. Money-sinks include all item modifications and the cost of admission for the dance and VIP rooms.

Other items sold by the shop include:

  • Better pets and mounts then those granted by in-game quests.
  • Pet function chips that improve the pet's utility or the stat boost they grant to a player and pet XP boosters.
  • Conservation and restoration items for CP and pet happiness.
  • Skill resets.
  • An unsealing item which allows the removal of the default underwear.
  • Extra non-permanent(30 day) bag space.
  • Pet namechange.
  • Silver cubes that randomly drop underwear, costumes, many of the items above and a powerful Spider-tank Mech transformation.
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