Oracle Magi III

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Name: Oracle Magi III

Level: 6

Location: Limestone Mtn.

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Athena Marie. Requires completion of Oracle Magi II.

Next Quest: Oracle Magi IV

Legend: Limestone Mtn. Sec 3: Oracle Magi

-Athena Marie-

Athena Marie looked at the shard. "I don't have time to examine your crystal." She paused, reconsidering. "Perhaps you can help me."
"The Poisonous Mushroids thrive in Limestone Mtn. I can brew a potion that will eliminate them."
"Bring me some Fetid Spores from the forest to the southeast. You can find them in Fetid Sprouts."
"And while you're at it, you can deal with some of the Mushroids, too."


-Athena Marie-

"Do you bring what I need?"
"I will tell you what I can about your crystal after you do as I ask."


-Athena Marie-

"I can start brewing the potion once I have the Fetid Spores I need."
"It should let us eliminate all of the Poisonous Mushroids from the mountain forever."
"I've nearly finished examining the crystal."
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