Oracle Magi II

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Name: Oracle Magi II

Level: 5

Location: Limestone Mtn.

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Alec. Requires completion of Oracle Magi I.

Next Quest: Oracle Magi III

Legend: Limestone Mtn. Sec 3: Oracle Magi


"I hope you're not disappointed by the result. This shard is just an ordinary crystal, albeit more pure."
"But... I can feel something." Alec stared at the shard. "It has a special energy."
"You need to ask Athena Marie, an Oracle who will know about such mysteries."
"She lives in the Waterwheel Cottage. Take some Magic Mucous to her as a gift."
"Go to the north of Waterwheel Cottage and collect some from the Rainbow Angellies there before visiting her. Good luck, _____."


-Athena Marie-

Athena Marie peered at you and snapped, "What do you want?"
And yet, it seemed she didn't want to hear you answer. Maybe you can talk with her after you bring the Magic Mucous.


-Athena Marie-

"You bring Magic Mucous as a gift. I take it you need my help." Athena Marie accepted the Magic Mucous but did not seem as excited as you'd hoped.
"Alec must have told you I need it. I ordered it from him some time ago."
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