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Faction Union of Fury
Type Caster
Strengths Party
Alliance Equivalent Priest

The Oracle is one of three Classes only available to the Vail.

Class_Icon_Priest.jpg Oracles automatically gains + 1 to WIS each Level.



Like the Human Priest, the Oracle relies on the spiritual nature of the Vail to heal allies. They can resurrect the dead, an extremely useful skill for keeping fallen comrades around and a must when Ultimate characters are in the party. Oracles also have a high resistance to magical attacks, making them a threat to Mages.

The healing spells of oracles are based off of their WIS, not their INT.

Oracles are intended to be party characters. They tend to rely on their party members to kill for them, while their party members tend to rely on the oracle to keep them alive long enough to do so.


  • Curing powers
  • Ability to transform allies into powerful monsters
  • Ability to transform enemies into harmless animals
  • Automatically gains +1 Wisdom each level

Special Types of Oracles

While oracles are generally the healing class, not all oracles aspire to heal you.

Battle Oracles (aka Borc): Oracles who invest a lot of their stat points into INT. Generally act as Pagans.

Tank Oracles: Oracles who invest a lot of their stat points into REC. Generally act as Guardians.


Common Builds

Normal Mode

  • +5 WIS Healer
  • +5 INT (1-15 PVP build)
  • +2 INT, +3 WIS (healer & dps assist)

Hard Mode

  • +7 WIS
  • +7 INT
  • +5 WIS, +2 INT
  • +5 WIS, +2 REC
  • +6 WIS, +1 REC
  • +6 WIS, +1 INT
  • +2 REC, +5 WIS
  • +3 INT, +2 WIS, +2 REC (PvP 20-30 Battle Oracle)

Ultimate Mode

  • +9 WIS
  • +9 INT
  • +7 WIS, +2 REC
  • +7 WIS, +2 INT
  • +6 INT, +3 REC

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