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Oblivion Insula (aka OI or Oblivion Island) is another 'instance' added to our current system, the other instance being the Guild Ranking Battle. The mobs & bosses here in Oblivion Insula are extremely tough, being Lv58+ themselves and having new skills, debuffs, and attacks to use against you and your party.

The only way to enter Oblivion Insula is through a portal located in Stable Erde (aka the Jungle). The portal is only open during a 6 hour window each day and requires a Union Party of at least 7 members to enter.


Current Times

The chart below gives the time the portal to Oblivion Insula opens for it's 90 hour window throughout the week.
It seems the time change patch was coded wrong and the current times for the portal on Thursdays are off by 12 hours.

How to Use the Chart

  • Determine your time zone and locate it on the chart as well as the Aeria time row
  • Follow across the chart to the corresponding day based on Aeria time, then drop down to your time zone
  • If the color changes as you go down the column then for you OI opens the 'next' day

Another way to use the chart

I have added the days in each table cell, so simply look up your timezone line and go right to the times when OI opens for you.

Timezones and DST

Aeria uses the Pacific timezone as Aeria time, normally UTC-8. Aeria time is also affected by Daylight Savings time, and the date when DST is switched on and off might be different to your timezone (e.g. Europe). If you are unsure about the difference of Aeria time to your local timezone, check the link to official Aeria time and calculate the difference yourself. If the link shows e.g. 8:00 am Aeria time, and your watch shows 4:00 pm, the difference is +8 hours.

Intl Date Line-4Sun 4amMon 4pmTue 10amWed 4amThu 4pmFri 10amSat 4pm
GMT-11-3Sun 5amMon 5pmTue 11amWed 5amThu 5pmFri 11amSat 5pm
GMT-10-2Sun 6amMon 6pmTue NoonWed 6amThu 6pmFri NoonSat 6pm
GMT-9-1Sun 7amMon 7pmTue 1pmWed 7amThu 7pmFri 1pmSat 7pm
Aeria Time0Sun 8amMon 8pmTue 2pmWed 8amThu 8pmFri 2pmSat 8pm
GMT-7+1Sun 9amMon 9pmTue 3pmWed 9amThu 9pmFri 3pmSat 9pm
GMT-6+2Sun 10amMon 10pmTue 4pmWed 10amThu 10pmFri 4pmSat 10pm
GMT-5+3Sun 11amMon 11pmTue 5pmWed 11amThu 11pmFri 5pmSat 11pm
GMT-4+4Sun NoonTue 12amTue 6pmWed NoonFri 12amFri 6pmSun 12am
GMT-3+5Sun 1pmTue 1amTue 7pmWed 1pmFri 1amFri 7pmSun 1am
GMT-2+6Sun 2pmTue 2amTue 8pmWed 2pmFri 2amFri 8pmSun 2am
GMT-1+7Sun 3pmTue 3amTue 9pmWed 3pmFri 3amFri 9pmSun 3am
GMT+8Sun 4pmTue 4amTue 10pmWed 4pmFri 4amFri 10pmSun 4am
GMT+1+9Sun 5pmTue 5amTue 11pmWed 5pmFri 5amFri 11pmSun 5am
GMT+2+10Sun 6pmTue 6amWed 12amWed 6pmFri 6amSat 12amSun 6am
GMT+3+11Sun 7pmTue 7amWed 1amWed 7pmFri 7amSat 1amSun 7am
GMT+4+12Sun 8pmTue 8amWed 2amWed 8pmFri 8amSat 2amSun 8am
GMT+5+13Sun 9pmTue 9amWed 3amWed 9pmFri 9amSat 3amSun 9am
GMT+6+14Sun 10pmTue 10amWed 4amWed 10pmFri 10amSat 4amSun 10am
GMT+7+15Sun 11pmTue 11amWed 5amWed 11pmFri 11amSat 5amSun 11am
GMT+8+16Mon 12amTue NoonWed 6amThu 12amFri NoonSat 6amSun Noon
GMT+9+17Mon 1amTue 1pmWed 7amThu 1amFri 1pmSat 7amSun 1pm
GMT+10+18Mon 2amTue 2pmWed 8amThu 2amFri 2pmSat 8amSun 2pm
GMT+11+19Mon 3amTue 3pmWed 9amThu 3amFri 3pmSat 9amSun 3pm

Oblivion Accessory Items

Oblivion Amulet

Icon Name Benefit Slots Level
heroicamulet.jpg Heroic Amulet None 3 54
heroicamulet.jpg Heroic Shrewd Amulet +7 DEX 3 59
heroicamulet.jpg Heroic Fortune Amulet +7 LUC 3 59
obliviosonicamulet.jpg Oblivion Sonic Amulet + Movement Speed 0 59

Oblivion Ring

Icon Name Benefit Slots Level
wikioblvion.jpg Heroic Ring None 3 53
wikioblvion.jpg Heroic Mystic Ring +5 INT 3 58
wikioblvion.jpg Heroic Craft Ring +5 STR 3 58
oblivioflashring.jpg Oblivion Flash Ring + Attack Speed 0 59

Oblivion Loop

Icon Name Benefit Slots Level
heroicloop.jpg Heroic Loop None 3 55
heroicloop.jpg Heroic Safe Loop +5 REC 3 60
heroicloop.jpg Heroic Wise Loop +5 WIS 3 60

Those accessories that have slots can be Lapised with Accessory Lapis as well as some other basic Lapis.

Oblivion Lapis Drop

These Lapis drop in the Oblivion Insula (Daily Instance)

  • absorption.jpg Absorption Lapis Lv5 - Absorbs up to 50 damage except periodical damage. Linked with armor and shields above level 16. If extraction fails, item may be destroyed. (Links to: Upper Armor, Lower Armor, Gauntlet, Shoes, and Shields)
  • absorption.jpg Absorption Lapis Lv6 - Absorps up to 75 damage except periodical damage. Linked with armor and shields above lvl 31. If extraction fails, item may be destroyed. (links to Upper Armor, Lower Armor, Gauntlet, Shoes and Shields)
  • b3760523316d7982247e6e7b74aef80a4g.jpgCraft Lapis Lv6 - Magical jewelry which increases muscular power by 30
  • 4fe13955dd0f78c45a2620a26223b78c4g.jpgSafe Lapis Lv6 - Magical jewelry which increases reaction by 30
  • 5c1aa6ebd8fa807c2c7a7139bbf861df4g.jpg Mystic Lapis Lv6 - Magical jewelry which increases intelligence by 30
  • 02662525ea6855174b08813553d56f9b4g.jpg Wise Lapis Lv6 - Magical jewelry which increases wisdom by 30
  • af23891978d38ba56adef8481d1e15d04g.jpg Shrewd Lapis Lv6 - Magical jewelry which increases dexterity by 30
  • 84e4c8842416856167a15014f9658d084g.jpg Fortune Lapis Lv6 - Magical jewelry which increases fortune by 30
  • 495cce959021e67df38e759103ce6d5d4g.jpg Life Lapis Lv6 - Jewelry of blessing which increases maximum health points by 500
  • 8eab36bf06e035d960cfcbdd4c13996c4g.jpg Mental Lapis Lv6 - Jewelry of blessing which increases maximum mana points by 600
  • c9712024e3e2a1a386f2c5f9e3b0515b4g.jpg Vigor Lapis Lv6 - Jewelry of blessing which increases maximum stamina points by 500
  • a827339b9cbc22a95aca68e29753d5244g.jpg Assault Lapis Lv6 - Jewelry of attack used in weapon which increases attaking power by 32
  • ea840d1c09dcf2f78b37a79e540b19504g.jpg Deceive Lapis Lv6 - Jewerlry of soul used in weapon which increases the maximum attaking power by 32
  • 9dd8d560c16eca9bc811974d661e94be4g.jpg Forbid Lapis Lv6 - Jewerly of belssing used in dress which increases defensive power by 32
  • icon_rapis_3_3.png Wit Lapis Lv6 - Jewelry of magical knowledge used in dress which increases resistance to magic ting power by 100
  • 8bbc86cfc92c959740eb3de83abeb09c4g.jpg Endure Lapis Lv6 - Strong jewelry having ability of golem which increases endurance of the equipment by 2000

Oblivion Monsters

Instance Monster Table

And a Flash Ring Drop


<img src="OblivionInsulaMap.jpg"/>

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