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Novice | Fighter | Warrior | Berserker / Paladin | Warlord / Templar | DeathKnight / Crusader
Novice | Hunter | Archer | Assassin / Ranger | Darkstalker / Sharpshooter | WindShadow / Hawkeye
Novice | Spellcaster | Mage | Necromancer / Wizard | Demonologist / Archmage | ShadowLord / Avatar
Novice | Acolyte | Priest | Cleric / Sage | Prophet / Mystic | Saint / Shaman

New Sprite Messengers begin their training as a Novice on Siwa Island. This class is the most basic and is only able to fight with a simple sword and very limited spells as well as basic armor. They are often depicted as wearing simple brown attire.

Novices advance to the first class branch at level 5, and can advance their class further at levels 15,30, and 65 when they have moved from the island. At level 5, a Novice would go to the Guardian Team Leader on the Island Muha and decide between 4 class branches. There is the Fighter class, the Hunter class, the Spellcaster class and the Acolyte class.

Once you reach level 30 you can further branch those classes into 2. For example: Fighter class branches into Warrior which then branches into either Berserker OR Paladin, depending on the type of character you wish to play you can choose to be offensive or defensive.

Novices CANNOT leave Siwa Island before they determine their class choice. At level 6, you acquire the Departure quest and you need to complete that following quests related to that quest before leaving, meaning you must level past the first class change.

Also once you leave Siwa Island you can never go back. .. well you can, but you would need to create a new character and start the game over.



Teleport Skill

songofthesprites.png Song of the Sprites
Through the beautiful songs of sprites, one can send themselves back to the Soul Preservation Crystal, Cannot be used in combat.

Damage Skills

strike.png Strike
For low -level newbies of sprites of the Siwa Island, the first must -learn technique is a special attack skill which can cause a single enemy to use only regular attacks and xx pts of physical damage.

sandysolecurse.png Sandy Sole Curse
When little naughty sprites of Siwa Island are fighting, they often use childish ways to let a single enemy under level 20 to force them to only use regular attacks and xx physical damage, and to receive the blind x status.

Buff Skill

wyrdofmeh.png Wyrd of Meh
When little naughty sprites of Siwa Island fight, they often use dishonest ways to force monsters under level 10 to stop attacking. If any attack occurs within the effective time after executing this skill, the effects will end.

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