Night Attack

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Name: Night Attack

Level: 40

Location: Avila Volcano

Type: Book

Activation: Receive from Book: Shattered Silence. Requires completion of The Ghosts in the Moonlight.

Next Quest: Fight Back

Legend: Avila Volcano Legend: Shattered Silence

-Book: Shattered Silence-

Night Attack (Before the Attack)
An interview with the soldier who survived the Siege of Baltaroi. Dictated by Sgt First Class Jolo:
"That day, the nightmare started. I'd never expected Baltaroi to be attacked. Many had already been entranced and left the city. We had only half of our army left."
"I was on duty as the lookout that night when a crowd of at least 20,000 people approached the gate from the outside."
"In an instant, I saw fire. Flame bolts burst through the air. I sounded the alarm to wake everybody, but it was already too late."
"The flame bolts were from the Zealot Soultakers and Zealot Bloodseekers. I still have the scar the bolt left on my face. It's a disturbing daily reminder."
"I hear they are still living near Rasys. I will find them one day and make them pay."
- Complete the quest to continue reading.


-Book: Shattered Silence-

(The interview below reveals Lorez's encounters during the incident)
"The air tonight feels too thick to breathe." Lorez sat near the lookout. He played a note on his guitar. It was answered by a high pitched scream.
"Why is everyone a music critic?" He stood up and discovered a large crowd under the lookout post.
He heard another voice. "Back off! I said back off!" Lorez looked down but saw nothing in the haze.
He took a torch and threw it down. The crowd was illuminated.
He gasped at the sight, dropping his guitar instantly. It shattered on the ground below.
"Dear lord!" Lorez looked down in fear at an army of countless troops.


-Book: Shattered Silence-

"Close the second gate, sentry! Hurry!" the soldier below shouted to Lorez. But Lorez was frozen in fear.
"What are you waiting for? Do it!" The second shout brought Lorez back to reality. He closed the gate.
"Who are they?" Lorez ran to another lookout and called to everyone inside. "Wake up! We are under attack!"
Lorez then sounded the alarm in his tower, and soon the other lookouts sounded alarms and lit torches. The squeals of warning cut through the night air. Suddenly, they saw amber flames licking the gate.
Lorez fired at the enemies as they cast spells. The shot echoed in the dead of night, marking the beginning of the siege.
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