Never Give Up

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Name: Never Give Up

Level: 6

Location: Limestone Mtn.

Type: Book

Activation: Receive from Book: Dreams Come True. Requires completion of Field Research.

Next Quest: Dreams Come True

Legend: Legend: Dreams Come True

-Book: Dreams Come True-

Words That Influenced My Life
I didn't make much progress in my research, so I decided to work as his assistant, thinking that his devices might prove useful.
He agreed to explore Limestone Mtn. with me.
One day, when we reached the forest in the southeast Limestone Mtn. area, the Limestone Golem and Rock High Mushroid attacked us immediately.
We had to abandon our studies and retreat from the forest.
- Complete the quest to continue reading.


-Book: Dreams Come True-

The young man injured his leg in the fight. He hobbled, clearly in pain.
When we walked out of the forest, it was very late. I made a fire nearby and went to see the young man.
In the light of flames, I saw tears in his eyes. I tried to persuade him to stop and return to his hometown and accept his family business.
He looked up at me, perplexed. The next few minutes changed my entire life.


-Book: Dreams Come True-

He stared at the campfire and said that he wasn't sad. He just wanted to improve the Detector. He looked at the Detector and moved his injured leg.
He told me earnestly, "The only way to have no regrets is to try your best at everything you do." He gave me a piece of dry meat.
At the time, I was so moved by his sentence that felt guilty about my own weakness.
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