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Group: Novice > Spellcaster > Mage > Wizard / Necromancer > Archmage / Demonologist


A class capable of drawing life from their enemies, this class relies on pets and summoned creatures to kill their enemies.


Becoming a Necromancer

A Mage can become a Necromancer at level 30 with a quest advancement.


  • Perfect Alone - Necromancers have the ability to summon a creature to fight alongside of them. This summon takes damage for the necromancer while doing some damage itself.
  • Buffs and Debuffs - Necromancers can improve the functions of themselves and their party members and undermine the abilities of their opponents. Although not as strong as the Cleric's, they can be an integral part to taking down bosses and other players.
  • Survivability - Necromancers have the ability to steal the opponents health in proportion to the damage they do. Achieving a critical on a health-stealing spell will top off the Necromancer's health.


  • Vulnerable - Although not as vulnerable as a Wizard because of their summon and life-stealing abilities. Necromancers are by no-means able to withstand prolonged damage.
  • High Mana Usage - High level skills have high mana costs.
  • Reliance on Summons - Without a personal tank, a Necromancer is vulnerable.





Mastery System

Crafting - Weapons and Armor


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