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NPCs is the abbreviation of Non-Player Characters. These NPCs can give out quests or sell various items.

Titled NPCS

Those NPCS that have a particular job that they perform are given titles. Those titled NPCs that sell goods will also purchase items from you, usually at 10% of the list price.

  • Accessory Merchant - sells rings, loops, and amulets
  • Auctioneer Clerk - (gathering info)
  • Bank Teller - receives items purchased from the Web Item Mall, Event / Promotional reward items (i.e. Buy X get Y free instances)
    • Items in the Bank are accessible by any character on the account regardless of server
  • Blacksmith - repairs damaged gear, links Lapis, performs item enchantment
  • Professional Blacksmith - performs item Conversion, Combination, Recreation
  • Gatekeepers - provides instantaneous transport to other cites for a fee
  • Gold Bar Merchant - sells gold bars valued at 100 million gold
  • Guard - offers protection on the town perimeter and occasionally just inside the town, will kill any monster that comes within range
  • Guild Master - allows players to create and helps maintain Guilds within game
  • Liquid Medicine Merchant - sells food, potions, and scrolls
  • Professional Trader - buys all goods, but sells nothing (at time of writing)
  • Protection Merchant - sells armor and shields, sometimes more than one per city
  • Ride Merchant - sells common mounts (usable at L40 NM and L50 HM)
  • Warehouse Keeper - stores goods, but not gold, for you (accessible by all characters on same account AND same server)
  • Weapon Merchant - sells weaponry for various classes, sometimes more than one per city

Untitled NPCS

Some of the people you meet in the towns throughout the game have no particular job, and thus no title, but can still be the focus of a quest either by giving one or being the final person you speak to in a particular quest.

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