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For one who inherits the mantle of wizardry, their pact with the underworld was a decision of blasphemy. Trailing the shadows of the heathens are countless spirits and awakened skeletons. When you dare walk close to an Azraen wizard, you would probably not have the will nor strength to even grip your weapon. All that are buried within the good world are playthings of the Azraen, so they don't require any capital; they can amass a massive undead army in the shortest time imaginable.

Resource Buildings

Lumbermills produce wood planks for construction. Higher level lumbermills produce more wood per hour. TABLE

Stone mine

Stone mines produce stone for construction. Higher level mines produce more stone per hour.


Farms produce food. Higher level farms produce more food per hour.

Crystal mine

Crystal mines produce crystal. Higher level mines produce more crystal per hour.

Crystal mine

Mills grind wheat into flour, increasing food availability. Each level the mill is upgraded increases food production 5%.


Bakeries turn flour into bread, further increasing food availability. Each level the bakery is upgraded increases food production 10%.


Lumbermills produce more wood planks, improving wood utilization. Each level a Lumbermilli is upgraded increases wood production 5%.

Stone Works

Stone Works increase stone production, improving stone utilization. Each level a Stone Works is upgraded increases production 5%.

Crystal Refinery

Crystal Refineries refine crystals, improving crystal utilization. Each level a Crystal Refinery is upgraded increases crystal production 5%.

City Hall

Visit City Hall to manage various government affairs, such as tax collection. Remember—a larger population yields a larger tax sum.


Recruit heroes in the tavern; buy them enough rounds, and they’ll agree to almost anything! Higher level taverns will offer you more heroes for the taking. The color of their names will tell you their rank. From high to low: orange, purple, blue, green, grey.


Warehouses store wood, stone, food, and crystal. Their capacity is shared among all your cities and increases with each upgrade. You can build another if your first reaches Lv 20. If your resources reach max capacity, you will stop accruing them.


Trade with other players in the Market for a modest fee. A 1% trade tax will be charged after a successful trade. Each market upgrade allows three more pieces of equipment and one more resource to be sold.

Command Post

A Command Post allows you to dispatch your army and find out who is attacking your city. Upgrade it to dispatch multiple heroes at a time. One more hero can be dispatched for every 5 levels upgraded, up to a max of five heroes in a single dispatch.

Command Post

Hold sacrifices and celebrations at your Temple to increase your Civilization score. Higher level temples allow for shorter celebrations.

Research Center

Higher level Research Centers shorten construction times, up to a max of 50% at Lv20.

Alliance Chamber

You need a Lv1 Alliance Chamber to join an alliance and a Lv3 Alliance Chamber to create an alliance. Five more members can be added to the alliance for every level the Alliance Chamber is upgraded.


Parks reduce the amount of Loyalty lost when a city is attacked. The higher the park’s level, the less loyalty will be lost each battle.


A Treasury is used to store equipment and gold; any goods stored in a Treasure cannot be plundered. Higher level Treasuries can store more gold; one more equipment storage slot is gained for every two levels upgraded.


Heroes victorious in the arena win Honor, which can be exchanged for EXP and Gem Fragments. A Lv 1 Arena allows you 5 free matches, with one more each level. Winning increases rank, and heroes with higher ranks earn more Honor in the Arena.


Circus performances can quickly increase the population’s Loyalty. Higher level circuses allow more performances to be held each day, up to a maximum of five.

Statue of Ares

A Statue of Ares increases the physical attack of Human heroes and troops. Higher level statues increase physical attack 2% each, up to a max of 10%.

Hero Posthouse

The Hero Posthouse is where backup heroes go to rest. Up to five heroes can reside there. Higher level posthouses may house one more hero per level, to a maximum of 20.

Well of Life

A Well of Life increases the HP of soldiers in your city. Higher level wells increase HP more. Wells of Life also research the HP level of soldiers, unlocking levels to a max of 20.


Bunkers hide units. Hidden units cannot participate in combat and consume twice the food of on-duty troops. Higher level Bunkers can hide 30 more units per level up to Lv20.

Altar of Light

Prime Barracks recruits a race’s Tier 7 units. The Human’s Prime Barracks, the Altar of Light, recruits angels. Higher level altars recruit faster.

Medical Tent

Medical tents recover 3% of a hero’s HP per hour. Higher level medical tents recover 0.3% more HP with each level.

Medical Tent

Blacksmiths increase the physical attack of city soldiers and research higher levels of physical attack. Higher level Blacksmiths increase physical attack more and raise the level of physical attack to Lv20.

Troop production

Junior Barracks

Junior Barracks can recruit Tier 1-3 units: Lv1-4 Junior Barracks can recruit Tier 1 units, Lv5-9 can recruit Tier 2 units, and Lv10+ can recruit Tier 3 units. Higher level Junior Barracks also have shorter recruiting times.

Senior Barracks

Senior Barracks can recruit Tier 4-6 units: Lv1-4 Senior Barracks can recruit Tier 4 units, Lv5-9 can recruit Tier 5 units, and Lv10+ can recruit Tier 6 units. Higher level Senior Barracks also have shorter recruiting times.

Grand Barracks

Grand Barracks can recruit all units of one’s race, but spend double the resources required for each. Higher level Grand Barracks have shorter recruiting time.


Workshops craft catapults. Higher level workshops produce more catapults in a given amount of time.

Defensive Buildings

City Wall

A strong City Wall can prevent enemies from successfully sacking your city if they attack it. They also grant defense bonuses to defending troops when attacked. Higher level City Walls provide higher defense and higher bonuses.


Wartowers fire arrows on enemy units attacking your city. Higher level towers deal higher damage.

Arrow Tower

Arrow Towers fire on enemy units attacking your city. Higher level Arrow Towers deal higher damage. Keeps improve the defensive might of City Walls and increase the proportion of a city’s troops that defend the city against attackers. Higher level Keeps boost defense more and raise the proportion of active defense troops.

Pet's and Mount's


A Bestiary recruits pets. Higher level Bestiaries spawn more pets.


A Stable recruits mounts. Higher level stables spawn more mounts.

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