Mythic Talents:Sharpshooter

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Name Effect Notes
01_Physical_Robustness.png Physical Robustness Increases Max HP by +1% each level.
Increases Vitality by +3 each level.
"I am passing through the forest and cannot stop before
I catch my prey I will have greater stamina for this game of pursuit."
02_Natural_Strength.png Natural Strength Increases Defense by +1% each level. "I faced the storm wind in the wilderness. I over came the pouring rain in the jungle.
My resolute determination and my physical strength will stand any weapon damage."
03_Magical_Tattoo.png Magic Tattoo Increases Magical Defense by +1% each level. "Forest inhabitants' ancient tattoos not only contain their ancestors' wisdom but also their will.
The tattoos will protect me from the malice of the dark magic."
04_Lock_and_Load.png Lock and Load Increases Long-Range Critical Hit Rate by +1% each level. "I control my breathing, hold tight my bow, and draw the string. You have no chance of survival.
Don't worry, it will soon be over for you. "
05_CQC.png CQC Increases Melee Attack Damage by +2.5% each level. "Prey, you should be more alert. When you let down your guard,
I will quickly take your life from behind with my double swords."
06_Ballistics_Research.png Ballistics Research Increases Long-Range Attack Damage by +1.5% each level. "I adjust the elevation of my aim, measure the wind direction with the grass, and regulate my breathing.
It will only take a shot to finish you off, no ammo will be wasted."
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