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# Name Effect Notes
?plugin=attach&refer=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%AA%A5%E9%A5%AF%A5%EB&openfile=%C9%F7%BF%C0%A4%CE%BD%CB%CA%A1.png Wind God's Bliss Increases Evasion by 2% each level. "I've received advice from the wind. I can read your every

attack under the benevolent guidance of the wind god."

?plugin=attach&refer=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%AA%A5%E9%A5%AF%A5%EB&openfile=%B4%F1%C0%D7%A4%CE%B4%E4.png Rock of Miracles Increases Defense by +1% each level. "When I sing this magical song, the rocks will answer

my call and defend me against the weapons of my foes."

?plugin=attach&refer=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%AA%A5%E9%A5%AF%A5%EB&openfile=%B8%C5%C2%E5%A4%AB%A4%E9%C5%C1%A4%EF%A4%EB%C5%C1%B5%AD.png Arcane Legacy Increase Magic Defense by +1% each level. "The legacy of our ancestors passed down in the form of melody

through thousands of years. I shall infuse my will power into my melody to block dark magic damage."

?plugin=attach&refer=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%AA%A5%E9%A5%AF%A5%EB&openfile=%CD%BD%B4%B6.png Foresight Increases Hit by +2% each level. "I know your every next move by reading the stars in the sky.

You can't dodge my attack no matter what."

?plugin=attach&refer=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%AA%A5%E9%A5%AF%A5%EB&openfile=%C1%C4%CE%EE%A4%CE%CE%CF.png Ancestors' Strength Increases Magical Critical Hit by +1% each level. "The spirit of my ancestors please come across the barriers of time

and space, and inhabit my body. Let the enemy have a taste of your wraith."

?plugin=attach&refer=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%AA%A5%E9%A5%AF%A5%EB&openfile=%C9%F4%C2%B2%C0%EF%BD%D1.png Tribal Arts Increases Physical and Magical Critical Hit Damage by +3% each level. "We follow the wisdom of our ancestors and practice the stances of

our ancestors. Now we will counterattack and show the invading enemy that the strength of our village will overcome any obstacle"

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