Mythic Talents:Darkstalker

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# Name Effect Notes
2w66o9u.png Iron Man Training Increase HP by +1% each level.
Increase Vitality by +3 each level.
"No matter if it's 3,000 meters, horizontal bars, or sit-ups, I will overcome them all. I will have more powerful vigor!"
zx60b5.png Survivor's Will Increases Defense by +1.5% each level. "In such a chaotic situation like this, it will take more then apperance to survive."
9bc7l2.png Silhouette Guard Increases Magic Defense by +1% each level. "With my concentration, even a falling leaf won't be able to escape my eyes, let alone your pathetic magic tricks."
2cicwg6.png Protecting Weakness Decreases Physical Damage taken by -1% each level. "Nooooo, don't hit me in the face! It's so pretty~"
14mmhf.png Kidney Attack Increases Critical Hit Damage by +1.5% each level. "Oh yeah! Right in the spleen!"
smpzr7.png Finishing Blow Increases Dual Weapon Normal Attack Damage by +1.2% each level. "The twin blades in my hand won't stop before all my enemies are vanquished."
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