Mythic Talents:Archmage

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# Name Effect Notes
01_Elemental_Existance.png Elemental Existence Increases Max HP by +2% each level. "I focus my mind and feel the dynamics and the existence of Elementals in the nature.
My stamina will become stronger."
02_Void_Field.png Void Field Increases Defense by +1% each level,
Decreases Malice by -1.5% each level.
"I put up an element barrier. In this field, the Elementals will enhance my
defense and turn any malice into void."
03_Arcana_Armor.png Arcana Armor Increases Magic Defense by +1% each level. "I summon the Elementals with arcane magic. They will serve as my shield
and protect me from any malicious spells."
04_Insight.png Insight Increases Hit by +2% each level "I am the ruler of the Elementals and can see through everything.
You can't hide your true form from me."
05_Shapeshifter.png Shapeshifter Increases Evasion by +2% each level "My body and the Elementals in the nature have fused together. My body has shifted to other
dimension and all your attacks have no effect on me."
06_Gravity_Shield.png Gravity Shield Decreases Physical Damage taken by +1% each level "My spiritual power is able to enhance the gravitational field around me.
Your attack will hardly have effect on me."
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