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Name & History

Mystic Templars
When Malu and Hakumele created the guild, they wanted a name that would be fitting to the fact that they were open to all walks of life within Eden. Whether you're a Human or Ursan, Mage or Warrior, the key to a successful group is cohesion within the personalities of the individuals, not the characters races or classes. Thus, Mystic Templars was created, and its doors opened up to anyone and everyone willing to give 100% to being exactly what this game needs: a helpful, fun player!




  • Malu (Human Illusionist)
  • Hakumele (Ursan Ranger)
  • SelaneHaruhi
  • FurFurIV (Human Warrior)
  • Eranus (Human Knight)
  • None

Guild Type

We are a no stress, no pressure guild. As the leaders of the guild have active, often busy lives outside of gaming, we understand the importance of our own personal agendas. We have no level requirements, we have no raid requirements, and we have no 'Minimum Town Rank' requirements. The only thing we do ask is that when you are on and available that you are communicative, and friendly. We want to help each other get to our goals as soon as possible, because all of our play time is limited, and we must use each minute wisely.

Guild level

Guild Level 1


We are currently trying to gather enough members that even with our fluctuating schedules, we have a few members on at all times. This will also ensure that should we ever upgrade to a town, that the town will not be revoked from us. If you or anyone you know wants to join, please PM 'Malu' or 'Hakumele.'


American English

Primary Channel

Channel 6


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