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Group: Novice > Acolyte > Priest > Cleric / Sage > Prophet / Mystic

Once a Sage reaches Lv65 they're able to upgrade their class into Mystic. This transformation unlocks an improved and upgraded skill-set, as well as introduces a few new skills.



The Mystic is a healer class and the advancement to Sage with heightened Magic Defence and Constant Buffs, the Mystic's form may change into an Ape, Bird or Wolf, each with different characteristics and abilities, such as:

*Wolf Form can produce more Damage, and enhances the Mystics evasive ability.

*Ape Form has the ability of "War Cry" which lowers hit rate, and also causes damage to be reduced against the Mystic in this form.

*Bird Form can produce more Magic Damage,Root and enhances the users Movement speed.

Advantages of a Mystic:

  • Universal Character: The Mystic can change class roles depending on the situation at hand.
  • Large amount of DPS: The Mystic deals an incredible amount of DPS if used correctly, this is due to Deadly Blow and Jaws Of Madness repeated over an over.
  • Average Stats: The Mystic does not specialize in a specific area to improve as the Mystics stats all improve at the same time. (Such as a Pally gains more DEF than us, but we will have more ATK or a Sin has more DPS than us, but we have more DEF)
  • Healing: The Mystic is able to resurrect other players, heal and restore MP.

Disadvantages of a Mystic:

  • High MP Cost: The cost of Skills raise as you upgrade your skills.
  • Stun and Rooting: Although the Mystic is very powerful at close range, they are almost helpless when it comes to being stunned and/or rooted. The only way to prevent stun is using an Anti-Stun staff which will lower our capabilities in battle.
  • High cost to gear: As mystic can equip a large amount of items and should change them based on the situation, mystics can be very expensive to gear effectively compared to other classes





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