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Curious Tricksters

Fun-loving and mischievous, the Muris spread trouble wherever they go. However, they are good-natured about their tricks and are so charismatic that they prove very difficult to dislike.

Rejoining Orta

Ages past, the Muris flew above the realms of Orta on a mystic island. Their island depends on Lime to stay airborne, but the Muris were soon visited by an equally inquisitive member of the Pikin race in a flying ship. Questions flooded from the Muris, about where this Pikin had come from, what people below ate, what color smelled like on the lands below and more. Practical questions, fanciful questions, and nonsensical questions, the Pikin did her best to answer them all, but three days later she determined that it was time for her to leave.

As their vast city began to sink towards the land, its supply of Lime dwindling, many Muris decided to follow the steps of their Pikin visitor and travel to the lands below for answers and to continue their search for more Lime.

Available Battle Classes


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