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New Howlfang

Training Grounds

Training Grounds 1
monster97.png monster125.png monster25.png monster193.png
Pearlslime Golem Fire Sprite Snowmist Moth

Panicked City

Panicked City 4
monster259.png monster103.png monster286.png monster303.png
Asmodi Bonegnawer Reaper Imp
Panicked City 3
monster42.png monster103.png monster285.png monster305.png
Blazebone Mage Bonegnawer Gargoyle Bonerider
Panicked City 2
monster41.png monster303.png monster285.png monster259.png
Blazebone Warrior Imp Gargoyle Asmodi
Panicked City 1
monster303.png monster41.png monster285.png monster305.png
Imp Blazebone Warrior Gargoyle Bonerider

Lonely Highway

Lonely Highway 4
monster196.png monster219.png monster259.png monster124.png
Harpy Seraphim Asmodi Earth Sprite
Lonely Highway 3
monster36.png monster48.png monster259.png monster252.png
Hellhound Orc Asmodi Unicolt
Lonely Highway 2
monster25.png monster48.png monster31.png monster195.png
Fire Sprite Orc **** Sylph
Lonely Highway 1
monster97.png monster48.png monster252.png monster177.png
Pearlslime Orc Unicolt Hippogriff

Temple of Wyrms

Dragonfang Cave

Dragonfang Cave 4
monster36.png monster46.png monster299.png monster98.png
Hellhound Dermaptera Gremlin Samurmander
Dragonfang Cave 3
monster150.png monster49.png monster139.png monster26.png
Werebear Porcublaze Knotted Anaconda Inferno Hound
Dragonfang Cave 2
monster98.png monster46.png monster133.png monster124.png
Samurmander Dermaptera Stelarpede Earth Sprite
Dragonfang Cave 1
monster150.png monster46.png monster133.png monster36.png
Werebear Dermaptera Stelarpede Hellhound

Underground Temple

Underground Temple 4
monster37.png monster125.png monster137.png monster147.png
Centuriosaur Golem Stone Lion Wight
Underground Temple 3
monster37.png monster173.png monster137.png monster193.png
Centuriosaur Djinn Stone Lion Snowmist Moth
Underground Temple 2
monster37.png monster125.png monster17.png monster46.png
Centuriosaur Golem Lichspine Dermaptera
Underground Temple 1
monster37.png monster125.png monster137.png monster285.png
Centuriosaur Golem Stone Lion Gargoyle

Secret Maze

Secret Maze 4
monster83.png monster17.png monster82.png monster88.png
Indigo Viper Lichspine Behelders Ichor Toad
Secret Maze 3
monster90.png monster67.png monster82.png monster87.png
Drowned Ghoul Ganesha Behelders Parasitic Frog
Secret Maze 2
monster97.png monster68.png monster74.png monster87.png
Pearlslime Swanmae Water Sprite Parasitic Frog
Secret Maze 1
monster95.png monster225.png monster74.png monster87.png
Water Golem Israfel Water Sprite Parasitic Frog

Dread Forest

Forest Ravine

Forest Ravine 4
monster36.png monster148.png monster282.png monster136.png
Hellhound Goblin Grendel Dryad
Forest Ravine 3
monster499.png monster148.png monster181.png monster299.png
Minerva Goblin Hornet Queen Gremlin
Forest Ravine 2
monster148.png monster130.png monster198.png monster149.png
Goblin Bloat Spider Satyr Kid Deblin
Forest Ravine 1
monster148.png monster198.png monster177.png monster150.png
Goblin Satyr Kid Hippogriff Werebear

Spirit Spring

Spirit Spring 4
monster144.png monster198.png monster250.png monster299.png
Muse Satyr Kid Cheshire Gremlin
Spirit Spring 3
monster195.png monster198.png monster204.png monster91.png
Sylph Satyr Kid Butterfae Undine
Spirit Spring 2
monster204.png monster203.png monster67.png monster149.png
Butterfae Pixie Ganesha Deblin
Spirit Spring 1
monster204.png monster148.png monster143.png monster94.png
Butterfae Goblin Gnome Kelpie

Elf Village

Elf Village 4
monster142.png monster177.png monster150.png monster149.png
Elf Hippogriff Werebear Deblin
Elf Village 3
monster142.png monster223.png monster124.png monster184.png
Elf Raphael Earth Sprite Oberon
Elf Village 2
monster142.png monster148.png monster128.png monster154.png
Elf Goblin Troll Mandrake
Elf Village 1
monster142.png monster149.png monster195.png monster341.png
Elf Deblin Sylph Half-Elf

Floatstone Valley

Land of No Return

Land of No Return 4
monster62.png monster198.png monster242.png monster196.png
Demon Poisoner Satyr Kid Roc Harpy
Land of No Return 3
monster174.png monster252.png monster48.png monster27.png
Nephelae Unicolt Orc Firecat
Land of No Return 2
monster124.png monster197.png monster145.png monster46.png
Earth Sprite Elder Eagle Spartoi Dermaptera
Land of No Return 1
monster124.png monster134.png monster48.png monster159.png
Earth Sprite Palms of Justice Orc Stem Serpent

Dwarven Mine

Dwarven Mine 4
monster127.png monster52.png monster125.png monster446.png
Dwarf Dragonfly Golem Shadow Ghoul
Dwarven Mine 3
monster40.png monster128.png monster304.png monster133.png
Infernal Bull Troll Black Sheep Stelarpede
Dwarven Mine 2
monster127.png monster52.png monster53.png monster124.png
Dwarf Dragonfly Bone Bear Earth Sprite
Dwarven Mine 1
monster127.png monster128.png monster125.png monster133.png
Dwarf Troll Golem Stelarpede

Dragon's Roost

Dragon's Roost 4
monster145.png monster124.png monster336.png monster182.png
Spartoi Earth Sprite Bugbear Spectre
Dragon's Roost 3
monster145.png monster94.png monster98.png monster188.png
Spartoi Kelpie Samurmander Gale Ninja
Dragon's Roost 2
monster145.png monster36.png monster336.png monster27.png
Spartoi Hellhound Bugbear Firecat
Dragon's Roost 1
monster197.png monster94.png monster336.png monster84.png
Elder Eagle Kelpie Bugbear Lorelei

Carnalia Cove

Serpent's Reef

Serpent's Reef 4
monster57.png monster92.png monster84.png monster91.png
Charybdis Mermaid Lorelei Undine
Serpent's Reef 3
monster96.png monster100.png monster82.png monster212.png
Merrow Selkie Behelders Palawan
Serpent's Reef 2
monster85.png monster74.png monster100.png monster2.png
Gillman Water Sprite Selkie Siren
Serpent's Reef 1
monster85.png monster96.png monster212.png monster2.png
Gillman Merrow Palawan Siren

Haunted Shipwreck

Haunted Shipwreck 4
monster56.png monster57.png monster96.png monster437.png
Camokraken Charybdis Merrow Deluge
Haunted Shipwreck 3
monster56.png monster57.png monster291.png monster299.png
Camokraken Charybdis Gravelurker Gremlin
Haunted Shipwreck 2
monster85.png monster81.png monster103.png monster437.png
Gillman Bone Shark Bonegnawer Deluge
Haunted Shipwreck 1
monster74.png monster100.png monster212.png monster82.png
Water Sprite Selkie Palawan Behelders

Undersea Ruins

Undersea Ruins 4
monster85.png monster134.png monster89.png monster95.png
Gillman Palms of Justice Orcann Water Golem
Undersea Ruins 3
monster92.png monster96.png monster89.png monster86.png
Mermaid Merrow Orcann Hippocampus
Undersea Ruins 2
monster89.png monster437.png monster61.png monster445.png
Orcann Deluge Sea Sage Sealsuit
Undersea Ruins 1
monster86.png monster82.png monster61.png monster95.png
Hippocampus Behelders Sea Sage Water Golem

Fogthike Hollow

Path of Prayer

Path of Prayer 4
monster224.png monster243.png monster226.png monster220.png
Holy Sprite Caladrius Irene Parvati
Path of Prayer 3
monster243.png monster162.png monster236.png monster242.png
Caladrius Jadayu Rendia Roc
Path of Prayer 2
monster219.png monster252.png monster215.png monster183.png
Seraphim Unicolt Rainbow Serpent Kinnara
Path of Prayer 1
monster219.png monster215.png monster226.png monster183.png
Seraphim Rainbow Serpent Irene Kinnara

Sun Temple

Sun Temple 4
monster8.png monster231.png monster24.png monster25.png
Pyrospite Ra Fire Golem Fire Sprite
Sun Temple 3
monster210.png monster231.png monster24.png monster201.png
Horus Ra Fire Golem Agathion
Sun Temple 2
monster210.png monster134.png monster8.png monster137.png
Horus Palms of Justice Pyrospite Stone Lion
Sun Temple 1
monster210.png monster231.png monster24.png monster213.png
Horus Ra Fire Golem Arianrhod

Sun Cave Gate

Sun Cave Gate 4
monster215.png monster224.png monster236.png monster231.png
Rainbow Serpent Holy Sprite Rendia Ra
Sun Cave Gate 3
monster219.png monster133.png monster210.png monster53.png
Seraphim Stelarpede Horus Bone Bear
Sun Cave Gate 2
monster215.png monster153.png monster226.png monster210.png
Rainbow Serpent Kikimora Irene Horus
Sun Cave Gate 1
monster215.png monster224.png monster226.png monster52.png
Rainbow Serpent Holy Sprite Irene Dragonfly

Castle Styx

Living Garden

Living Garden 4
monster138.png monster31.png monster153.png monster135.png
Ent **** Kikimora Cait Sith
Living Garden 3
monster299.png monster152.png monster136.png monster452.png
Gremlin Shrieker Dryad Satyr
Living Garden 2
monster132.png monster152.png monster36.png monster130.png
Treant Shrieker Hellhound Bloat Spider
Living Garden 1
monster132.png monster138.png monster153.png monster154.png
Treant Ent Kikimora Mandrake

Bloody Manor

Bloody Manor 4
monster285.png monster291.png monster267.png monster303.png
Gargoyle Gravelurker Dracuul Imp
Bloody Manor 3
monster285.png monster302.png monster267.png monster305.png
Gargoyle Banshee Dracuul Bonerider
Bloody Manor 2
monster285.png monster267.png monster305.png monster446.png
Gargoyle Dracuul Bonerider Shadow Ghoul
Bloody Manor 1
monster285.png monster103.png monster267.png monster305.png
Gargoyle Bonegnawer Dracuul Bonerider

Clock Tower Prison

Clock Tower Prison 4
monster305.png monster193.png monster182.png monster267.png
Bonerider Snowmist Moth Spectre Dracuul
Clock Tower Prison 3
monster130.png monster17.png monster182.png monster291.png
Bloat Spider Lichspine Spectre Gravelurker
Clock Tower Prison 2
monster90.png monster193.png monster182.png monster267.png
Drowned Ghoul Snowmist Moth Spectre Dracuul
Clock Tower Prison 1
monster90.png monster17.png monster182.png monster267.png
Drowned Ghoul Lichspine Spectre Dracuul

Rainblossom Lake

Rainbow Garden

Rainbow Garden 4
monster160.png monster120.png monster136.png monster222.png
Maiden Zephyr Stone Elephant Dryad Lakshmi
Rainbow Garden 3
monster85.png monster94.png monster82.png monster63.png
Gillman Kelpie Behelders Saraswati
Rainbow Garden 2
monster160.png monster144.png monster67.png monster222.png
Maiden Zephyr Muse Ganesha Lakshmi
Rainbow Garden 1
monster87.png monster94.png monster66.png monster74.png
Parasitic Frog Kelpie Nereid Water Sprite

Dragon King Shrine

Dragon King Shrine 4
monster83.png monster67.png monster134.png monster444.png
Indigo Viper Ganesha Palms of Justice Protoslime
Dragon King Shrine 3
monster83.png monster82.png monster133.png monster66.png
Indigo Viper Behelders Stelarpede Nereid
Dragon King Shrine 2
monster93.png monster188.png monster85.png monster134.png
Sir Galagator Gale Ninja Gillman Palms of Justice
Dragon King Shrine 1
monster83.png monster188.png monster87.png monster63.png
Indigo Viper Gale Ninja Parasitic Frog Saraswati

Crystal Skull Ruins

Crystal Skull Ruins 4
monster139.png monster147.png monster103.png monster120.png
Knotted Anaconda Wight Bonegnawer Stone Elephant
Crystal Skull Ruins 3
monster95.png monster147.png monster103.png monster201.png
Water Golem Wight Bonegnawer Agathion
Crystal Skull Ruins 2
monster95.png monster93.png monster139.png monster120.png
Water Golem Sir Galagator Knotted Anaconda Stone Elephant
Crystal Skull Ruins 1
monster95.png monster93.png monster103.png monster120.png
Water Golem Sir Galagator Bonegnawer Stone Elephant

Cursebleak Desert

Defiler's Desert

Defiler's Desert 4
monster131.png monster188.png monster108.png monster151.png
Scorpion Bull Gale Ninja Scarfington Sand Snake
Defiler's Desert 3
monster151.png monster48.png monster133.png monster108.png
Sand Snake Orc Stelarpede Scarfington
Defiler's Desert 2
monster131.png monster37.png monster124.png monster145.png
Scorpion Bull Centuriosaur Earth Sprite Spartoi
Defiler's Desert 1
monster151.png monster52.png monster31.png monster108.png
Sand Snake Dragonfly **** Scarfington

Quicksand Oasis

Quicksand Oasis 4
monster151.png monster108.png monster131.png monster8.png
Sand Snake Scarfington Scorpion Bull Pyrospite
Quicksand Oasis 3
monster145.png monster108.png monster124.png monster51.png
Spartoi Scarfington Earth Sprite Hobgoblin
Quicksand Oasis 2
monster151.png monster48.png monster37.png monster51.png
Sand Snake Orc Centuriosaur Hobgoblin
Quicksand Oasis 1
monster151.png monster74.png monster31.png monster51.png
Sand Snake Water Sprite **** Hobgoblin

Grave of the Nameless King

Grave of the Nameless King 4
monster146.png monster41.png monster51.png monster120.png
Razorfang Mummy Blazebone Warrior Hobgoblin Stone Elephant
Grave of the Nameless King 3
monster146.png monster125.png monster134.png monster173.png
Razorfang Mummy Golem Palms of Justice Djinn
Grave of the Nameless King 2
monster146.png monster131.png monster53.png monster147.png
Razorfang Mummy Scorpion Bull Bone Bear Wight
Grave of the Nameless King 1
monster146.png monster137.png monster46.png monster9.png
Razorfang Mummy Stone Lion Dermaptera Sphinx

Starfall Foothills

Moonshimmer Plain

Moonshimmer Plain 4
monster368.png monster299.png monster143.png monster305.png
Ganymede Gremlin Gnome Bonerider
Moonshimmer Plain 3
monster282.png monster368.png monster203.png monster444.png
Grendel Ganymede Pixie Protoslime
Moonshimmer Plain 2
monster499.png monster286.png monster190.png monster304.png
Minerva Reaper Wind Sprite Black Sheep
Moonshimmer Plain 1
monster499.png monster299.png monster198.png monster62.png
Minerva Gremlin Satyr Kid Demon Poisoner

The Great Observatory

The Great Observatory 4
monster98.png monster252.png monster246.png monster181.png
Samurmander Unicolt Cupid Hornet Queen
The Great Observatory 3
monster253.png monster246.png monster62.png monster304.png
Tinkerblossom Cupid Demon Poisoner Black Sheep
The Great Observatory 2
monster246.png monster225.png monster245.png monster236.png
Cupid Israfel Lilac Giraffe Rendia
The Great Observatory 1
monster299.png monster198.png monster282.png monster444.png
Gremlin Satyr Kid Grendel Protoslime

Cavern of the Forsaken

Cavern of the Forsaken 4
monster15.png monster182.png monster188.png monster134.png
Eternia Spectre Gale Ninja Palms of Justice
Cavern of the Forsaken 3
monster15.png monster17.png monster141.png monster182.png
Eternia Lichspine Priestess Spectre
Cavern of the Forsaken 2
monster15.png monster150.png monster41.png monster304.png
Eternia Werebear Blazebone Warrior Black Sheep
Cavern of the Forsaken 1
monster15.png monster299.png monster41.png monster36.png
Eternia Gremlin Blazebone Warrior Hellhound


Party Town

Party Town 4
monster249.png monster302.png monster510.png monster168.png
White Knight Banshee Flamerobe Corpse Doll Pale Hag
Party Town 3
monster249.png monster302.png monster193.png monster102.png
White Knight Banshee Snowmist Moth Kobold
Party Town 2
monster249.png monster153.png monster248.png monster368.png
White Knight Kikimora Mallow Ganymede
Party Town 1
monster249.png monster153.png monster499.png monster254.png
White Knight Kikimora Minerva Dia

Lawless Downtown

Lawless Downtown 4
monster90.png monster424.png monster43.png monster302.png
Drowned Ghoul Bomberkitty Corpse Doll Banshee
Lawless Downtown 3
monster267.png monster103.png monster43.png monster102.png
Dracuul Bonegnawer Corpse Doll Kobold
Lawless Downtown 2
monster90.png monster188.png monster43.png monster446.png
Drowned Ghoul Gale Ninja Corpse Doll Shadow Ghoul
Lawless Downtown 1
monster90.png monster103.png monster43.png monster424.png
Drowned Ghoul Bonegnawer Corpse Doll Bomberkitty

Secret Hideout

Secret Hideout 4
monster141.png monster303.png monster41.png monster42.png
Priestess Imp Blazebone Warrior Blazebone Mage
Secret Hideout 3
monster141.png monster125.png monster41.png monster42.png
Priestess Golem Blazebone Warrior Blazebone Mage
Secret Hideout 2
monster141.png monster285.png monster93.png monster441.png
Priestess Gargoyle Sir Galagator Sniper Newt
Secret Hideout 1
monster141.png monster285.png monster267.png monster188.png
Priestess Gargoyle Dracuul Gale Ninja

Tyranid Jungle

The Green Den

The Green Den 4
monster369.png monster154.png monster196.png monster452.png
Nkima Mandrake Harpy Satyr
The Green Den 3
monster369.png monster139.png monster149.png monster27.png
Nkima Knotted Anaconda Deblin Firecat
The Green Den 2
monster369.png monster343.png monster148.png monster196.png
Nkima Rebus Goblin Harpy
The Green Den 1
monster369.png monster139.png monster148.png monster196.png
Nkima Knotted Anaconda Goblin Harpy

Zealots' Village

Zealots' Village 4
monster141.png monster135.png monster223.png monster145.png
Priestess Cait Sith Raphael Spartoi
Zealots' Village 3
monster141.png monster380.png monster170.png monster222.png
Priestess Bestla Huntress Lakshmi
Zealots' Village 2
monster141.png monster170.png monster222.png monster144.png
Priestess Huntress Lakshmi Muse
Zealots' Village 1
monster181.png monster170.png monster154.png monster144.png
Hornet Queen Huntress Mandrake Muse

Sacrificial Ruins

Sacrificial Ruins 4
monster295.png monster196.png monster24.png monster137.png
Lamia Harpy Fire Golem Stone Lion
Sacrificial Ruins 3
monster295.png monster147.png monster103.png monster128.png
Lamia Wight Bonegnawer Troll
Sacrificial Ruins 2
monster295.png monster146.png monster24.png monster139.png
Lamia Razorfang Mummy Fire Golem Knotted Anaconda
Sacrificial Ruins 1
monster295.png monster146.png monster103.png monster120.png
Lamia Razorfang Mummy Bonegnawer Stone Elephant

Vertigord Cliffs

Cliff of Judgment

Cliff of Judgment 4
monster134.png monster150.png monster46.png monster37.png
Palms of Justice Werebear Dermaptera Centuriosaur
Cliff of Judgment 3
monster225.png monster121.png monster196.png monster133.png
Israfel Coatilcue Harpy Stelarpede
Cliff of Judgment 2
monster190.png monster124.png monster196.png monster197.png
Wind Sprite Earth Sprite Harpy Elder Eagle
Cliff of Judgment 1
monster190.png monster191.png monster134.png monster27.png
Wind Sprite Kawendi Centaur Palms of Justice Firecat

Exiles' Retreat

Exiles' Retreat 4
monster188.png monster98.png monster43.png monster299.png
Gale Ninja Samurmander Corpse Doll Gremlin
Exiles' Retreat 3
monster188.png monster286.png monster145.png monster168.png
Gale Ninja Reaper Spartoi Pale Hag
Exiles' Retreat 2
monster188.png monster31.png monster145.png monster53.png
Gale Ninja **** Spartoi Bone Bear
Exiles' Retreat 1
monster188.png monster152.png monster153.png monster51.png
Gale Ninja Shrieker Kikimora Hobgoblin

Border Checkpoint

Border Checkpoint 4
monster259.png monster134.png monster305.png monster267.png
Asmodi Palms of Justice Bonerider Dracuul
Border Checkpoint 3
monster41.png monster193.png monster43.png monster441.png
Blazebone Warrior Snowmist Moth Corpse Doll Sniper Newt
Border Checkpoint 2
monster41.png monster285.png monster305.png monster152.png
Blazebone Warrior Gargoyle Bonerider Shrieker
Border Checkpoint 1
monster41.png monster36.png monster43.png monster152.png
Blazebone Warrior Hellhound Corpse Doll Shrieker

Beastia Lowlands

Fanged Savannah

Fanged Savannah 4
monster245.png monster48.png monster219.png monster247.png
Lilac Giraffe Orc Seraphim Hornblade
Fanged Savannah 3
monster245.png monster162.png monster27.png monster282.png
Lilac Giraffe Jadayu Firecat Grendel
Fanged Savannah 2
monster48.png monster336.png monster282.png monster452.png
Orc Bugbear Grendel Satyr
Fanged Savannah 1
monster48.png monster336.png monster40.png monster247.png
Orc Bugbear Infernal Bull Hornblade

Savage Stones

Savage Stones 4
monster69.png monster514.png monster191.png monster198.png
Fomor Great Huntress Kawendi Centaur Satyr Kid
Savage Stones 3
monster69.png monster170.png monster452.png monster252.png
Fomor Huntress Satyr Unicolt
Savage Stones 2
monster69.png monster514.png monster191.png monster441.png
Fomor Great Huntress Kawendi Centaur Sniper Newt
Savage Stones 1
monster69.png monster170.png monster191.png monster150.png
Fomor Huntress Kawendi Centaur Werebear

Thunder Spire

Thunder Spire 4
monster165.png monster304.png monster225.png monster196.png
Thunderbird Black Sheep Israfel Harpy
Thunder Spire 3
monster165.png monster304.png monster302.png monster299.png
Thunderbird Black Sheep Banshee Gremlin
Thunder Spire 2
monster165.png monster53.png monster302.png monster51.png
Thunderbird Bone Bear Banshee Hobgoblin
Thunder Spire 1
monster165.png monster53.png monster190.png monster299.png
Thunderbird Bone Bear Wind Sprite Gremlin

Inferi Depths

Twistrock Way

Twistrock Way 4
monster98.png monster216.png monster152.png monster815.png
Samurmander Baldr Shrieker Palms of Justice +
Twistrock Way 3
monster98.png monster139.png monster133.png monster785.png
Samurmander Knotted Anaconda Stelarpede Centuriosaur +
Twistrock Way 2
monster98.png monster299.png monster37.png monster834.png
Samurmander Gremlin Centuriosaur Gale Ninja +
Twistrock Way 1
monster512.png monster145.png monster37.png monster834.png
Dino Fencer Spartoi Centuriosaur Gale Ninja +

Dragon Knight Village

Dragon Knight Village 4
monster98.png monster216.png monster41.png monster820.png
Samurmander Baldr Blazebone Warrior Spartoi +
Dragon Knight Village 3
monster98.png monster216.png monster193.png monster834.png
Samurmander Baldr Snowmist Moth Gale Ninja +
Dragon Knight Village 2
monster98.png monster62.png monster25.png monster779.png
Samurmander Demon Poisoner Fire Sprite Orthrus +
Dragon Knight Village 1
monster512.png monster216.png monster168.png monster781.png
Dino Fencer Baldr Pale Hag Fire Sprite +

Dragon King's Palace

Dragon King's Palace 4
monster196.png monster295.png monster134.png monster785.png
Harpy Lamia Palms of Justice Centuriosaur +
Dragon King's Palace 3
monster24.png monster286.png monster225.png monster841.png
Fire Golem Reaper Israfel Baldr +
Dragon King's Palace 2
monster147.png monster37.png monster512.png monster841.png
Wight Centuriosaur Dino Fencer Baldr +
Dragon King's Palace 1
monster93.png monster37.png monster512.png monster824.png
Sir Galagator Centuriosaur Dino Fencer Shrieker +

Kigahara Forest

Gale Forest

Gale Forest 4
monster195.png monster190.png monster162.png monster779.png
Sylph Wind Sprite Jadayu Orthrus +
Gale Forest 3
monster299.png monster190.png monster203.png monster809.png
Gremlin Wind Sprite Pixie Scarfington +
Gale Forest 2
monster195.png monster136.png monster177.png monster789.png
Sylph Dryad Hippogriff Camokraken +
Gale Forest 1
monster150.png monster190.png monster162.png monster779.png
Werebear Wind Sprite Jadayu Orthrus +

Misty Forest

Misty Forest 4
monster499.png monster48.png monster369.png monster791.png
Minerva Orc Nkima Demon Poisoner +
Misty Forest 3
monster196.png monster154.png monster138.png monster781.png
Harpy Mandrake Ent Fire Sprite +
Misty Forest 2
monster253.png monster193.png monster36.png monster810.png
Tinkerblossom Snowmist Moth Hellhound Stone Elephant +
Misty Forest 1
monster196.png monster154.png monster132.png monster790.png
Harpy Mandrake Treant Nereus +

Plague Forest

Plague Forest 4
monster299.png monster295.png monster120.png monster811.png
Gremlin Lamia Stone Elephant Earth Sprite +
Plague Forest 3
monster44.png monster276.png monster42.png monster793.png
Hag Diabull Blazebone Mage Fomor +
Plague Forest 2
monster276.png monster275.png monster196.png monster783.png
Diabull Hexen Harpy Firecat +
Plague Forest 1
monster44.png monster275.png monster177.png monster810.png
Hag Hexen Hippogriff Stone Elephant +

Yggdrasil Tower

Tower Roots

Tower Roots 4
monster236.png monster120.png monster194.png monster785.png
Rendia Stone Elephant Albatross Centuriosaur +
Tower Roots 3
monster204.png monster369.png monster248.png monster812.png
Butterfae Nkima Mallow Golem +
Tower Roots 2
monster132.png monster203.png monster248.png monster795.png
Treant Pixie Mallow Water Sprite +
Tower Roots 1
monster138.png monster74.png monster91.png monster784.png
Ent Water Sprite Undine Flamesoul +

Tower Middle

Tower Middle 4
monster160.png monster136.png monster130.png monster781.png
Maiden Zephyr Dryad Bloat Spider Fire Sprite +
Tower Middle 3
monster168.png monster343.png monster125.png monster811.png
Pale Hag Rebus Golem Earth Sprite +
Tower Middle 2
monster336.png monster343.png monster203.png monster795.png
Bugbear Rebus Pixie Water Sprite +
Tower Middle 1
monster121.png monster248.png monster162.png monster781.png
Coatilcue Mallow Jadayu Fire Sprite +

Tower Top

Tower Top 4
monster177.png monster197.png monster236.png monster810.png
Hippogriff Elder Eagle Rendia Stone Elephant +
Tower Top 3
monster144.png monster128.png monster143.png monster810.png
Muse Troll Gnome Stone Elephant +
Tower Top 2
monster138.png monster128.png monster132.png monster798.png
Ent Troll Treant Bone Shark +
Tower Top 1
monster343.png monster250.png monster62.png monster786.png
Rebus Cheshire Demon Poisoner Infernal Bull +

Triskel Palace

Omen Hall

Omen Hall 4
monster207.png monster246.png monster220.png monster816.png
Skuld Cupid Parvati Cait Sith +
Omen Hall 3
monster207.png monster232.png monster213.png monster813.png
Skuld Valkyrie Arianrhod Divine Spirit +
Omen Hall 2
monster226.png monster232.png monster213.png monster793.png
Irene Valkyrie Arianrhod Fomor +
Omen Hall 1
monster207.png monster232.png monster213.png monster829.png
Skuld Valkyrie Arianrhod Djinn +

Fulcrum Hall

Fulcrum Hall 4
monster232.png monster208.png monster243.png monster790.png
Valkyrie Verdandi Caladrius Nereus +
Fulcrum Hall 3
monster213.png monster208.png monster219.png monster841.png
Arianrhod Verdandi Seraphim Baldr +
Fulcrum Hall 2
monster383.png monster99.png monster243.png monster795.png
Celestia Noripunzel Caladrius Water Sprite +
Fulcrum Hall 1
monster383.png monster208.png monster243.png monster809.png
Celestia Verdandi Caladrius Scarfington +

Memory Hall

Memory Hall 4
monster232.png monster206.png monster220.png monster809.png
Valkyrie Urd Parvati Scarfington +
Memory Hall 3
monster206.png monster384.png monster213.png monster844.png
Urd Selina Arianrhod Ra +
Memory Hall 2
monster232.png monster384.png monster213.png monster805.png
Valkyrie Selina Arianrhod Slime +
Memory Hall 1
monster232.png monster206.png monster213.png monster864.png
Valkyrie Urd Arianrhod Shadowborne +


Cave of Dreams

Cave of Dreams 4
monster126.png monster246.png monster336.png monster843.png
Divine Spirit Cupid Bugbear Holy Sprite +
Cave of Dreams 3
monster126.png monster130.png monster182.png monster810.png
Divine Spirit Bloat Spider Spectre Stone Elephant +
Cave of Dreams 2
monster126.png monster246.png monster243.png monster790.png
Divine Spirit Cupid Caladrius Nereus +
Cave of Dreams 1
monster126.png monster246.png monster336.png monster788.png
Divine Spirit Cupid Bugbear Hobgoblin +

Phantom Town

Phantom Town 4
monster43.png monster267.png monster201.png monster861.png
Corpse Doll Dracuul Agathion Gorgon +
Phantom Town 3
monster299.png monster297.png monster296.png monster866.png
Gremlin Shadowborne Phantom Imp +
Phantom Town 2
monster304.png monster297.png monster62.png monster816.png
Black Sheep Shadowborne Demon Poisoner Cait Sith +
Phantom Town 1
monster188.png monster297.png monster296.png monster798.png
Gale Ninja Shadowborne Phantom Bone Shark +

Nightmare Tower

Nightmare Tower 4
monster202.png monster299.png monster296.png monster811.png
Skelemare Gremlin Phantom Earth Sprite +
Nightmare Tower 3
monster202.png monster299.png monster296.png monster832.png
Skelemare Gremlin Phantom Frost Sprite +
Nightmare Tower 2
monster202.png monster334.png monster246.png monster821.png
Skelemare Sleeker Cupid Razorfang Mummy +
Nightmare Tower 1
monster202.png monster299.png monster296.png monster812.png
Skelemare Gremlin Phantom Golem +

Frostsnarl Plains

Frostpine Road

Frostpine Road 4
monster77.png monster180.png monster348.png monster852.png
Yeti Frost Sprite Wiseman White Knight +
Frostpine Road 3
monster77.png monster180.png monster170.png monster817.png
Yeti Frost Sprite Huntress Dryad +
Frostpine Road 2
monster352.png monster191.png monster100.png monster791.png
Frost Giant Kawendi Centaur Selkie Demon Poisoner +
Frostpine Road 1
monster352.png monster180.png monster100.png monster784.png
Frost Giant Frost Sprite Selkie Flamesoul +

Icicle Cave

Icicle Cave 4
monster254.png monster68.png monster77.png monster796.png
Dia Swanmae Yeti Drench +
Icicle Cave 3
monster254.png monster336.png monster103.png monster860.png
Dia Bugbear Bonegnawer Grendel +
Icicle Cave 2
monster254.png monster68.png monster248.png monster814.png
Dia Swanmae Mallow Dwarf +
Icicle Cave 1
monster254.png monster68.png monster100.png monster801.png
Dia Swanmae Selkie Orcann +

Tower of Frozen Souls

Tower of Frozen Souls 4
monster42.png monster180.png monster179.png monster613.png
Blazebone Mage Frost Sprite Boo Algaewyrm +
Tower of Frozen Souls 3
monster179.png monster180.png monster182.png monster797.png
Boo Frost Sprite Spectre Yeti +
Tower of Frozen Souls 2
monster305.png monster180.png monster62.png monster856.png
Bonerider Frost Sprite Demon Poisoner Asmodi +
Tower of Frozen Souls 1
monster179.png monster90.png monster180.png monster810.png
Boo Drowned Ghoul Frost Sprite Stone Elephant +

Hell Gate

The Fallen Gate

The Fallen Gate 4
monster307.png monster306.png monster311.png monster508.png
Lion Dog Triclops Oni Smasher Bishamon
The Fallen Gate 3
monster309.png monster308.png monster126.png monster310.png
Enucleator Gluttoncait Divine Spirit Demidog
The Fallen Gate 2
monster310.png monster311.png monster314.png monster508.png
Demidog Oni Smasher Tengu Bishamon
The Fallen Gate 1
monster309.png monster307.png monster308.png monster306.png
Enucleator Lion Dog Gluttoncait Triclops

Isolated Homes

Isolated Homes 4
monster308.png monster306.png monster302.png monster44.png
Gluttoncait Triclops Banshee Hag
Isolated Homes 3
monster281.png monster280.png monster297.png monster309.png
Malacoda Abraxas Shadowborne Enucleator
Isolated Homes 2
monster88.png monster108.png monster182.png monster276.png
Ichor Toad Scarfington Spectre Diabull
Isolated Homes 1
monster53.png monster44.png monster45.png monster47.png
Bone Bear Hag Zombie Scorpion Zombie Beetle

The Road to Hell

The Road to Hell 4
monster314.png monster44.png monster53.png monster280.png
Tengu Hag Bone Bear Abraxas
The Road to Hell 3
monster126.png monster88.png monster108.png monster276.png
Divine Spirit Ichor Toad Scarfington Diabull
The Road to Hell 2
monster280.png monster45.png monster281.png monster297.png
Abraxas Zombie Scorpion Malacoda Shadowborne
The Road to Hell 1
monster45.png monster307.png monster311.png monster182.png
Zombie Scorpion Lion Dog Oni Smasher Spectre

Children's Dreamland

Poison Mushroom Hill

Poison Mushroom Hill 4
monster404.png monster491.png monster410.png monster210.png
Two of Clubs Pink Dwarf Nine of Diamonds Horus
Poison Mushroom Hill 3
monster404.png monster181.png monster492.png monster153.png
Two of Clubs Hornet Queen Cindy Kikimora
Poison Mushroom Hill 2
monster132.png monster52.png monster452.png monster404.png
Treant Dragonfly Satyr Two of Clubs
Poison Mushroom Hill 1
monster404.png monster494.png monster99.png monster493.png
Two of Clubs Prince Noripunzel Snow White

Deserted Orchard

Deserted Orchard 4
monster250.png monster224.png monster404.png monster181.png
Cheshire Holy Sprite Two of Clubs Hornet Queen
Deserted Orchard 3
monster491.png monster35.png monster153.png monster452.png
Pink Dwarf Wartongue Salamander Kikimora Satyr
Deserted Orchard 2
monster181.png monster492.png monster410.png monster132.png
Hornet Queen Cindy Nine of Diamonds Treant
Deserted Orchard 1
monster186.png monster35.png monster151.png monster224.png
Algaewyrm Wartongue Salamander Sand Snake Holy Sprite

Candy House

Candy House 4
monster181.png monster413.png monster494.png monster493.png
Hornet Queen Queen of Diamonds Prince Snow White
Candy House 3
monster410.png monster491.png monster492.png monster132.png
Nine of Diamonds Pink Dwarf Cindy Treant
Candy House 2
monster413.png monster253.png monster153.png monster452.png
Queen of Diamonds Tinkerblossom Kikimora Satyr
Candy House 1
monster491.png monster494.png monster99.png monster493.png
Pink Dwarf Prince Noripunzel Snow White

Underground City

The Faceless Road

The Faceless Road 4
monster373.png monster425.png monster427.png monster134.png
Gigantes Wind-up Soldier Wind-up Castle Palms of Justice
The Faceless Road 3
monster426.png monster50.png monster130.png monster512.png
Wind-up Wizard Sand Viper Bloat Spider Dino Fencer
The Faceless Road 2
monster50.png monster427.png monster134.png monster512.png
Sand Viper Wind-up Castle Palms of Justice Dino Fencer
The Faceless Road 1
monster373.png monster426.png monster425.png monster130.png
Gigantes Wind-up Wizard Wind-up Soldier Bloat Spider

The Watchers Citadel

The Watchers Citadel 4
monster512.png monster134.png monster276.png monster446.png
Dino Fencer Palms of Justice Diabull Shadow Ghoul
The Watchers Citadel 3
monster276.png monster446.png monster426.png monster427.png
Diabull Shadow Ghoul Wind-up Wizard Wind-up Castle
The Watchers Citadel 2
monster18.png monster373.png monster425.png monster50.png
Orthrus Gigantes Wind-up Soldier Sand Viper
The Watchers Citadel 1
monster9.png monster276.png monster120.png monster446.png
Sphinx Diabull Stone Elephant Shadow Ghoul

Where Mother Sleeps

Where Mother Sleeps 4
monster134.png monster343.png monster243.png monster499.png
Palms of Justice Rebus Caladrius Minerva
Where Mother Sleeps 3
monster18.png monster189.png monster446.png monster412.png
Orthrus Kingfisher Shadow Ghoul Jack of Clubs
Where Mother Sleeps 2
monster134.png monster412.png monster425.png monster512.png
Palms of Justice Jack of Clubs Wind-up Soldier Dino Fencer
Where Mother Sleeps 1
monster121.png monster189.png monster243.png monster446.png
Coatilcue Kingfisher Caladrius Shadow Ghoul

Pirate Hideout

Drifting Pirate Ship

Drifting Pirate Ship 4
monster59.png monster66.png monster437.png monster56.png
Nereus Nereid Deluge Camokraken
Drifting Pirate Ship 3
monster71.png monster92.png monster437.png monster82.png
Nazar Wyvern Mermaid Deluge Behelders
Drifting Pirate Ship 2
monster101.png monster59.png monster81.png monster66.png
Devil Ray Nereus Bone Shark Nereid
Drifting Pirate Ship 1
monster101.png monster81.png monster71.png monster92.png
Devil Ray Bone Shark Nazar Wyvern Mermaid

Fortress Cove

Fortress Cove 4
monster437.png monster82.png monster66.png monster92.png
Deluge Behelders Nereid Mermaid
Fortress Cove 3
monster70.png monster86.png monster101.png monster56.png
Vodnik Hippocampus Devil Ray Camokraken
Fortress Cove 2
monster96.png monster57.png monster71.png monster101.png
Merrow Charybdis Nazar Wyvern Devil Ray
Fortress Cove 1
monster70.png monster86.png monster92.png monster56.png
Vodnik Hippocampus Mermaid Camokraken

Treasure Cave

Treasure Cave 4
monster323.png monster437.png monster71.png monster59.png
Fuujin Deluge Nazar Wyvern Nereus
Treasure Cave 3
monster57.png monster66.png monster445.png monster212.png
Charybdis Nereid Sealsuit Palawan
Treasure Cave 2
monster84.png monster89.png monster85.png monster96.png
Lorelei Orcann Gillman Merrow
Treasure Cave 1
monster59.png monster100.png monster91.png monster81.png
Nereus Selkie Undine Bone Shark
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