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All guild bosses stay in their respective areas unless killed. They spawn on the hour after defeat. All Guild-Tier Bosses will be announced to all on the respective game channel when spawned.

Name Zone Level Nature Title Fame Rarity Location
(Picture) NibelSteam Mine Mountain15AgressiveCorrupted Chasm1Guild-Tier BossClick here for the path
(Picture) SystanAncient Forest18AgressiveBooming Roar1Guild-Tier BossClick link for the route
(Picture) XerxesBelcar Plateau34AgressiveWatcher of Slaves1Guild-Tier Boss(Circles the Meteorite Crater)
(Picture) JalmanoAngoya Island40AgressiveStone Colossus1Guild-Tier Boss(Circles the beach around Hamo's Stone Statues)
(Picture) NazrudinScorching Wind Desert45AgressiveDesert Death Dragon1Guild-Tier Boss(Circles the west and south outskirts of the Bath City Ruins)
(Picture) SurboraMisty Wetlands50AgressiveGreat Misty Marsh Tree2Guild-Tier BossPicture of the location
(Picture) UtumnoLost Highlands55AgressiveLost Phantom Dragon2Guild-Tier BossClick link for location
(Picture) AschenbrandBlakatoa Range60AgressiveDragon of the Fallen Star2Guild-Tier BossClick link for location
(Picture) UlgiothPrism Island Prairie63AgressiveAbyss Golem3Guild-Tier Boss(428,100)
(Picture) ForasTwin Lion Mountain65AgressiveOne-Eyed Evil God5Guild-Tier Boss(725,539)
(Picture) World's End SixEternal Mountains69AgressiveInvincible Iron Ape7Guild-Tier Boss(884,377)
(Picture) BarobaroOblivion Border70AgressiveKing of the Arctic Sea10Guild-Tier Boss(606,504)
(Picture) NagranokWinterflake Forest74AgressiveAurora Sword Spirit13Guild-Tier Boss(992,518)
(Picture) SameilAncient Polar Ruins77AgressiveDemon Lord of the End16Guild-Tier Boss(718,247)
(Picture) KenSpirit Valley77AgressiveLegend of the Valley22Guild-Tier Boss(852,224)
(Picture) Swamp EradicatorAuris Bay80AgressiveFlower Worm King19Guild-Tier Boss(156,147)
(Picture) AschenkarMisty Plateau82AgressiveMutated Monster25Guild-Tier Boss(767, 130)
(Picture) Sibo GinGolden Sandbar85AgressiveAncient Destroyer28Guild-Tier BossWalks in the Sandhill Ruins
(Picture) Gilded Sprout GolemAurawhisp Hamlet85AgressiveStoneplant30Guild-Tier Boss(520, 85)
(Picture) Rare MutantFrostfire Pass87AgressiveHot Spring Creature32Guild-Tier Boss(225, 485)
(Picture) RozalynHeirloom Peninsula90AgressiveWanted Criminal34Guild-Tier Boss(90, 590)
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