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Basic Information

Field Notes

The lynchpin of every Arkana squad, the Medic is unique in the fact that she was designed primarily to heal, rather than harm. Using a potent arsenal of bio- and nanotechnology, she can repair debilitating wounds, revive comrades from the brink of death, and boost nearby Arkana’s combat effectiveness with powerful stimulants. But even though healing is her true calling, she’s far from useless in a fight. The same technology she uses to heal can also be used to poison her foes, render them unconscious, and even disable their equipment.

Serial Number: 651233390B.
Age: 21
Height: 5'11"
Bust: 34E
Waist: 23
Hips: 34

Psych Profile

Whereas most Arkana have been altered to experience less empathy, the Medic was created to possess amplified nurturing and protective instincts. And while this has led to a more dedicated healer, it has also produced some surprising effects. For example, Medics have a tendency to “burn out” faster than most other Arkana, as they experience the tragedy of war more keenly than their sisters. Additionally, Medics have been known to exhibit stress-induced strength far more frequently than is normal, allowing them to lift impossibly heavy debris, sprint twice as fast to injured allies, and defend patients from even the deadliest enemies.


While her allies possess innumerable enhancements designed to increase their effectiveness in combat, the Medic was designed to be a walking medical and chemical laboratory. The aptly-named Medical module grants her vast knowledge of anatomy, virology, chemical and biotechnological engineering, and combat medicine. Using the raw materials in her Aegis Cannon, a Medic is capable of creating custom solutions in real-time for any disease, injury, or enemy she meets on the field. (Note: Although Medics are the least likely class to rebel against their Commanders, their surgical skill makes them one of the only classes which could conceivably remove Genesis Corp implants. Commanders working with Medics must stay vigilant for any sign of such tampering, and instigate strict countermeasures where necessary.)

Class Weapon

The most sophisticated of any Arkana’s equipment, the Aegis Cannon is both the source of the Medic’s materials and the method for their delivery. Roughly resembling a shield, it is in fact a miniature production facility, capable of fabricating any number of medicines, chemical compounds, and biological agents to fit the Medic’s needs. Once synthesis is complete, the cannon can deliver the desired payload in the form of a ballistic syringe, gas canister, or a compact swarm of nanobots. Properly stocked using an Arkana’s standard 6” teleporter, the Aegis Cannon is capable of responding to nearly every conceivable scenario a Medic might encounter during combat.

Class Mech

By empowering both her combat and healing capabilities, the Kali Mech transforms the Medic into an invaluable asset on the field. Heavy plating keeps her alive in even the worst firefights, and the Kali’s power core greatly increases the damage that can be inflicted by the Aegis Cannon’s normal attack. The Kali’s true strength, though, comes in the form of its ability to mass-produce fields of nanobots. Using this technology, the Medic can deploy a strategic safe-haven in the middle of a hectic battlefield, passively healing any allies in the area and turning the battle in their favor.

Class Pros and Cons


  • The only class with instant healing and reviving skills
  • Very tanky
  • Best buffs in the game
  • Highest variety and power of special skills
  • Long range in and out of mech
  • Strong stun
  • High damage in mech
  • You are in demand, parties need healers


  • Lowest damage out of mech
  • Very little AoE
  • Hard to balance between being a healer and being a fighter
  • More people play this class so demand for gear is high making your gear more expensive


Active Skills

Icon Skill Name Description
64113.jpg Basic Launcher Genesis Corp engineered the Medic's Aegis Cannon to disperse both lethal and restorative energy payloads. The basic setting deals light damage without consuming SP.
64119.jpg Chakra Strike Because there is a slight critical percentage, it often deals powerful attacks.
64125.jpg Catastrophic Strike A stronger attack than Chakra Strike that also deals Chakra damage. If the Medic's Aegis Cannon has Ch-ATK bonuses, this attack deals more damage.
64131.jpg Homing Missile The Aegis Cannon delivers a more powerful payload with higher Crit rate, at the cost of a slightly longer cooldown.
64137.jpg Shock Jock A long-range concussive shell that deals physical and Chakra damage while causing the target to be Knocked-Out.
64143.jpg Blown Away A destabilized energy paylod with a massive Crit Rate and Crit-STR that also deals Chakra damage, at the cost of a longer cooldown.
64120.jpg Atomic Launcher Atomic Chakra skills reduce enemy movement speed. The Aegis Cannon charges up an atomic storm, dealing damage to all enemies caught within the designated area.
64126.jpg Atom Blast A charged energy payload that deals heavy Atomic Chakra damage and immobilizes the target.
45235.png Advanced Atomic Launcher A skill with a short cooldown that deals a potent blow to a foe. An Atomic Chakra skill that reduce enemy movement speed.
64121.jpg Greek Fire A Plasma attack that deals continuous damage every 2 seconds after the initial impact. PvP Effect: only half of the normal DoT damage will be dealt.
64127.jpg Backdraft Plasma Chakra skills deal additional DoT damage every 2 seconds after the initial impact. A megaton-grade Plasma payload that deals massive damage to all enemies caught within the blast radius. PvP Effect: Only half of the DoT damage is applied.
64122.jpg Healer's Kiss The Medic toggles her Aegis Cannon to deliver restorative energy, healing a portion of one ally's injures. This skills defaults to healing the caster if no target is selected, and cannot be used on opposing faction members.
64128.jpg Veil of Healing A Chakra-boosted AoE skill that restores a generous amount of health to the Medic and all allies within range.
64134.jpg Restoration An emergency health boost that allows the Medic to keep fighting in dire situations.
64140.jpg Vital Enchantment A long-lasting enhancement that reinforces the target's skin with Chakra, granting a boost to Max HP.
64146.jpg Lazarus Blessing Revives the selected target with 20% HP. Cannot be used on caster or opposing faction members. Can only be used on the field, dungeon, or disputed grounds.
64123.jpg Veil of Offense The Medic weaves Chakra around her allies, reinforcing their musculature and granting a boost to ATK.
64129.jpg Veil of Accuracy The Medic weaves Chakra around her allies, enhancing their visual acuity and granting a boost to ACC.
64135.jpg Veil of Critical The Medic weaves Chakra around her allies, briefly granting them extrasensory insight to enemy weak points, hence boosting Crit Rate.
64141.jpg Veil of Detection The Medic weaves Chakra around her allies, amplifying their extransensory perception, hence augmenting their detection ability.
11111.png Cleansing Heal A Chakra-boosted AoE skill that restores a generous amount of HP and SP instantly to the Medic and all allies within range, also dispelling any debuffs. Also increase HP and SP recovery rate for the duration of the skill.
64124.jpg Shadowfoil An enhancement that augments the target's reflexes, granting a boost to EVA. This skills defaults to buffing the caster
64130.jpg Enchanting Projection An enhancement that augments the target's Chakra aptitude, granting boost to VOID and Ch-EVA. This skills defaults to buffing the caster if no target is selected, and cannot be used on opposing faction members.
64136.jpg Shift Teleport to the specified location, so long as it is within range and no impediment exists.
64142.jpg Eradicate Purges all negative status effects from the target.
64148.jpg Heeled Flair Temporarily increases the Medic's movement speed.

Passive Skills

Icon Skill Name Description
64101.jpg Intermediate Health Mastery Increases MAX HP by a percentage.
64102.jpg Deep Soul Increases MAX SP by a fixed value.
64103.jpg Natural Soul Mastery Increases MAX SP by a percentage.
64104.jpg Speed Mastery Increases MOVE SPD by a fixed value.
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