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Every player in Scarlet Blade can gain the ability to transform into a large mechanical battle-frame with strengths and abilities tailored to their class. Attack and health values while transformed are approximately double the player's normal stats.


Acquiring a Mech

On reaching Level 17 players will receive a quest that rewards them with their first mech.

Rare mechs with enhanced abilities may be acquired at Level 20.

Activating Mech-mode


A dedicated skill bar on the game interface contains a slot for the Mech you wish to use. Simply drag the Mech to that slot and then hit the assigned shortcut key to transform.

Transformation requires CP which is rapidly consumed while in Mech-mode. Once activated, the mech is on cooldown for ten seconds after which it can be used again to return your character to normal. Otherwise the transformation will last up to a minute, depending on the quality of the mech used.

Mech-mode replaces the player's skills with powerful new abilities and grants bonuses to the following stats:

  • Min/Max attack
  • Max HP
  • Max SP
  • PvP damage
  • PvP Protection
  • Movement speed

CP Management


CP is required to stay in Mech-Mode. It normally accumulates slowly over time and has its own resource bar between HP and SP in the top-right of your screen.

  • CP regenerates at 3CP per tick, or 90CP per min.
  • Sitting has no effect on CP regeneration rate.
  • CP potions can be used to refill the bar.
  • The starting base in PvP battleground provides a huge CP Regen buff, allowing players to transform quite often.
  • Mech-mode will consume a full bar of CP in less then a minute.
  • CP is also slowly consumed by the PvP battlesuit at the rate of one CP every two seconds.

Mech Quality

The quality of the equipped mech can effect the following:

  • The transformed mech's visual appearance.
  • Abilities granted while transformed.
  • CP consumption rate.

Visual Appearance


Mechs come in a variety of color schemes and sizes. These vary depending on the grade of the mech (magic, rare, unique, unique major) and also the wearer's faction.

In the illustration we have (from left to right):

  • Unique Mech (FK)
  • Unique Major Golden Mech (FK)
  • Unique Major Silver Mech (FK)
  • Unique Major General Mech (RG).


Currently there are a variety of kinds of class-specific mechs available along with two additional non class-specidic mechs.

Class-Specific Mechs:

  • Magic Mech level 17
  • Rare Mech level 20
  • Unique Mech level 30 (available in Silver only)
  • Unique Major Mech level 35 (available in: General, Silver, and Golden)
  • Unique Mech level 40 (available in Silver only)

Non Class-Specific Mechs:

  • Unique Mech level 30 Cyclops
  • Unique Mech level 30 Asherah (available in: General and Golden)
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