Measuring Your Shot

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Sure, it's fun to gauge based on your gut feeling - but it's also fun to calculate your angle, and the tools are provided to you to do it!


You know that mini-map located in the top right corner of your screen? It's more than decorative - it's one of your primary tools for gauging your shot.


Using your mouse, drag the white rectangle in the mini-map to center it on two players. Typically, this should be yourself and your opponent.


The white rectangle is 10 units across. Thus, if you put the dot representing YOU on the edge of the white rectangle, and your enemy is on the inside, it is less than 10 units. You can also drag the rectangle as many times as necessary to measure the distance between you and a far opponent. Divide the white rectangle into subsections to help you accurately gauge the distance between you and your opponent. This unit number will be key in many of your tactics and strategic calculations. Knowing how to calculate the distance between you and your target is key for becoming an advanced player.

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