Mastering the Basics

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1. Mastering The Basics

The most important thing to strategy and tactics? Knowing the basics and knowing them like they're second nature!

As a player heading into the territory of advanced tactics, you need to know the basics without having to think about them. If you try and step up your strategy without having a firm grasp of how the controls or functions work, these tactics will likely seem very difficult. Instead of jumping right a head, and take a second to review the basic functions until you're sure you can do them without much thought.

Angle and Movement:

↑ and ↓ - These keys adjust your shooting angle. ← and → - These keys move you left and right (and also adjust which side you shoot toward, of course!)

Power Meter:

The power meter displays the intensity and power behind your shot. The longer you hold down the space bar, the further your shot will travel. Use the ruler displayed on the power meter to help guide how much intensity you need for the advanced tactics!

Teleport aka Paper Airplane:

As you become a more advanced player, you'll learn quickly that getting the upper hand in a match isn't always about who's got more levels or better gear - it's about strategic placement and using your noggin!

So, what can you do when your health is dangerously low? Use the airplane to teleport to a safer place. Your enemy hiding behind a thick wall, or in an angle that makes it difficult to shoot? Teleport to a better vantage point. Use the fact that you can move great distances with the airplane to your benefit!

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