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# Name Effect Notes
24pypuo.jpg Vampire Killer Increases Physical Attack against Undead by +1% each level.
Increases Physical Damage by +50 against Undead each level.
"Die monster! You don't belong in this world!"
rumiae.jpg Shield Master Increases Shield Block by +1% each level. "When I become one with my shield, even if it's small, it'll loom before you like an iron wall,
or the deadline on paing your rent."
auwnro.jpg Strength Training Increase Vitality by +3 each level. "A tough body hardened by many brutal battles is my best defense out here on this merciless battlefield "
2dtawt0.jpg Lightfoot Step Increases Movement speed by +1.1% each level. "As my faith becomes stronger, I no longer doubt my direction.
I run toward the goal 'til my race is won!"
1zn98xk.jpg Know your Enemy Increase Close Range Hit by +1% each level "The moment I saw your steps falter, I knew the horn of victory sounded for me."
2rh0bhv.jpg Belief in the Light Increases all Resistances by +1% each level. "My faith gives me the strength to face all adversaries; to find opportunity in any crisis."
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