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This is an index of guides for the Master System.



As players progress, they will gain access to the Master System. These passive skills require great sacrifice: experience.

When does this happen?

At level 45, the first tier of the Master system opens. At this point, players can begin allocating a percentage of their experience toward Master Points. These skills require 2 Master Points to upgrade.

At level 60, the second tier becomes available: the Legendary Skills. They require 4 Master Points to upgrade.

At level 75, the third tier becomes available: the Mystic Skills. They require 6 Master Points to upgrade.

Experience Allocation

Players can set anywhere from 0 to 100% experience to be attributed towards Master Points.

Master System Interface

The interface for the Master System is the 4th tab in the Skills window (K). It shows all current statistics and skill levels. The bar at the bottom of the screen shows current progress towards the next master point, and hovering over the bar will show the numerical experience value.


Upon death 10% master experience will be lost


Experience: Each Master Point requires 3.5 million experience. Meaning 7 Million experience needed for 1 Mastery skill, 14 million needed for each Legendary Skill, and 21 million for each Mythic Skill.

  • Note: Each Master skill is capped at level 10.

  • Note: You can have 2 Master skills at level 15. To 15 a master you need to have double the original number of master points then add one. You can only have 2 Master skills at 15. (1 Red master, and 1 Yellow[for example] not 2 Red, 2 Blue, 2 Yellow)

Master Skills

Paladin / Templar

Berserker / Warlord

# Name Effect Notes
01_Chink_in_the_Armor_zpsd72f3fab.png Chink in the Armor Increases Close Range Hit by +1% each level. "When there's no opening, I create one!"
02_Heart_of_the_Wilderness_zps81288edc.png Heart of the Wilderness Increase Agility by +9 each level. "My wild heart beats like a stampede, my soul will crush your bones"
03_Steadfast_Will_zpsac1673ad.png Steadfast Will Decreases Enemy Physical and Magical Critical Hit Rate by -2% each level. "All my battles have mercilessly shaped my body and mind to be strong as steel."
04_Lightning_Slasher_zpsb5b755ce.png Lightning Slasher Increase Twin Blade Attack Damage by +1.5% per level. "Offense is the best defense."

# Name Effect Notes
01_Iron_Fury.png Iron Fury Increases Defense by +1% each level. "In order to achieve invulnerability, I committed myself to physical training. Now I shall be fearless of any weapon swung toward me."
02_Luminous_Shroud.png Luminous Shroud Increases Magical Defense by +1% each level. "I've bathed with the blood of the demon, your worthless magic spells will not frighten me."
03_Blood_Mirage.png Blood Mirage Increases Evasion by 1% each level. "Not only do I strike hard with my awesome power, I move fast like a crimson shadow that renders all your counters useless."
04_Front_Guard_Stance.png Front Guard Stance Increases Shield Block by +1% each level. "My fortes not only include offense. As a front guard in the battle, I will defend every comrade with my firm shield"
05_Mental_Fortitude.png Mental Fortitude Increases Max MP by +1% each level. "My angry mood causes me to expand my thinking to new areas. This has shaken my nerves and will store up even greater potential energy in me."
06_All_Out_Assault.png All-Out Assault Increases Two-Handed Weapon Damage by +1% each level. "I shall wield my sword with my firm arms and bring upon powerful attacks. You shall be trembling and disarm yourselves out of fear, for I'm coming."

Ranger / Sharpshooter

Name Effect Notes
23t2iw1.png Rush Increases Movement Speed by +1.3% each level. "Wing sprites around me, making me light as a feather, when I run freely,
dust rising to cover the horizon, I won't let you see even the back of me."
2z8avcn.png Beast Master Increases Physical Attack against Beasts by +1% each level.
Increase Damage to Physical Attacks against Beasts by +50 each level.
"This world is a survival of the fittest. The weak become for for the strong.
And I shall become an existence above the entire food chain!"
16hrkib.png Breath of Wind Increases Agility by +9 each level. "Wind sprites whisper in my ear, teach me how to sense messages on the wind,
when the body merges with the flow of wind, able to come and go at will, nobody can get close to me."
2eqf4nd.png Eagle-Eyed Shooter Increases Long Range Hit by +1.5% each level. "Your death is inevitable, it has been only by my will and the stillness
of my trigger that has allowed you to live this far."
iqat7b.png Polaris Soul Increases Ice Resistance by +3% each level. "Long ago, I trained at the end of the world. My blade, sears like a blizzard.
My will, hard as glaciers. Surrender, lest you become still and cold as the tundra itself!"
jzv0ut.png Arrow Master Increases Bow Attack Damage by +1.5% each level.
Increases Bow Attack Speed by +1% each level.
"When I draw my bow, the arrowhead points towards the road of victory. Wait for me at the end of that road,
where there is only death and the release from endless pain."

# Name Effect Notes
dwxcfd.jpg Walker Of The Woods Increases Dodge by +2% each level. "The woods is my home, the animals within are my family, you fight me, you fight all of us"
1zyg95w.jpg Professional Gunman Increases Gun Critical Hit Chance by +0.5% each level. "When my gun goes off, another star in sky is extinguished"
2q1flmc.jpg Master Sniper Increases Long Range Critical Hit Damage by +3% each level. "When i see you through my sights, all you find is your demise"
2e54kyv.jpg Breathtaking Assassin Decreases Malice by +1% each level. "I hide myself, like a ghost silently moving through the night. You only feel the pain i cause you,
not even seeing the hand that kills you "

Name Effect Notes
01_Physical_Robustness.png Physical Robustness Increases Max HP by +1% each level.
Increases Vitality by +3 each level.
"I am passing through the forest and cannot stop before
I catch my prey I will have greater stamina for this game of pursuit."
02_Natural_Strength.png Natural Strength Increases Defense by +1% each level. "I faced the storm wind in the wilderness. I over came the pouring rain in the jungle.
My resolute determination and my physical strength will stand any weapon damage."
03_Magical_Tattoo.png Magic Tattoo Increases Magical Defense by +1% each level. "Forest inhabitants' ancient tattoos not only contain their ancestors' wisdom but also their will.
The tattoos will protect me from the malice of the dark magic."
04_Lock_and_Load.png Lock and Load Increases Long-Range Critical Hit Rate by +1% each level. "I control my breathing, hold tight my bow, and draw the string. You have no chance of survival.
Don't worry, it will soon be over for you. "
05_CQC.png CQC Increases Melee Attack Damage by +2.5% each level. "Prey, you should be more alert. When you let down your guard,
I will quickly take your life from behind with my double swords."
06_Ballistics_Research.png Ballistics Research Increases Long-Range Attack Damage by +1.5% each level. "I adjust the elevation of my aim, measure the wind direction with the grass, and regulate my breathing.
It will only take a shot to finish you off, no ammo will be wasted."

Assassin / Darkstalker

# Name Effect Notes
ymrec.png Rapid Flash Increases Movement by +1.5% each level. "You can't defeat what you can't catch."
33f5el2.png Sharp as the Wolf Increases Melee Attack by +1% each level. "It's not a matter of how hard you hit your target, but where."
657uvc.png Mighty Striker Increases Physical Critical Hit Chance by +1.2% each level. "I can envision the 108 marks my blade will make on your body, enough to kill you 109 times over. I'm that good."
2hzqrut.png Specter Dodge Increases Evade by +2% each level. "I'm feeling generous, three free hits, yet I'm sure all you'll strike is air!"
2eyywc2.png Tuning Decreases MP cost by -3 each level. "I like you. You'll only get 45% of my power."
122yvwi.png Low Profile Decreases Malice by -1% each level. "It wasn't me this time, it's him!"

# Name Effect Notes
oikxd.png Heart of the Fighter Increases Agility by +5 each level.
Increases Strength by +4 each level.
"Letting you die with dignity shows my respect as a fighter, if you care for that kind of thing."
28jjno0.png Butcher of Demons Increases Physical Attack against Demons by +1% each level.
Increases Physical Damage against Demons by +80 each level.
"I enjoy running through the night to remind the minions of Hell there's something scarier then demons: Me!!"
amtdux.png Kendo Master Increases Damage from sword attacks by +1.5% each level. "With sword in hand, I become an instrument of Death himself. You'd be wise to fear me!"
1190wt2.png Sword of Specters Increases Close Range Attacking Speed by +1% each level. "Those who have seen the speed of my strikes haven't lived to tell anyone else about it!"

# Name Effect Notes
2w66o9u.png Iron Man Training Increase HP by +1% each level.
Increase Vitality by +3 each level.
"No matter if it's 3,000 meters, horizontal bars, or sit-ups, I will overcome them all. I will have more powerful vigor!"
zx60b5.png Survivor's Will Increases Defense by +1.5% each level. "In such a chaotic situation like this, it will take more then apperance to survive."
9bc7l2.png Silhouette Guard Increases Magic Defense by +1% each level. "With my concentration, even a falling leaf won't be able to escape my eyes, let alone your pathetic magic tricks."
2cicwg6.png Protecting Weakness Decreases Physical Damage taken by -1% each level. "Nooooo, don't hit me in the face! It's so pretty~"
14mmhf.png Kidney Attack Increases Critical Hit Damage by +1.5% each level. "Oh yeah! Right in the spleen!"
smpzr7.png Finishing Blow Increases Dual Weapon Normal Attack Damage by +1.2% each level. "The twin blades in my hand won't stop before all my enemies are vanquished."

Cleric / Prophet

# Name Effect Notes
DemonKiller.png Demon Killer Increases Magic Damage to Demons by +1% each level.
Increases Magic Damage to Demons by +50 each level.
"I kick arse for the lord!"
KissofAngels.png Kiss of Angels Increase Light Resistance by +2% each level.
Increases Dark Resistance by 2% each level.
"May God be with you, in darkest night and brightest day!"
MartialClericTraining.png Martial Cleric Training Increases Hammer Physical Attack by +1% each level. "The name of my hammer is Justice You cannot escape it. Its strike rings fear from every evil heart."
GreatEndurance.png Great Endurance Increases Vitality by +3 each level. "All my suffering has been a test from God, to prove me worthy of his blessing. I will not fail!!"
HolyWordScripture.png Holy Word Scripture Increases Magic Attack by +1% each level. "The Lord's word is my strength and your destruction!"
MartialClericImpact.png Martial Cleric Impact Increases Physical Critical Rate by +0.8% each level. "Only pain can cleanse your soul of evil!"

# Name Effect Notes
MasterOfProtection.jpg Master of Protection Increases Shield Block by +1% each level. "I am the last line of defense for God's dominion."
MagicalCloak.jpg Magical Cloak Increases Magic Damage Resistance by +2% each level. "I bask in my God's blessing and am spared from all suffering, past, present and future."
SenatorStudy.jpg Senator's Study Increases Intelligence by +9 each level. "I am a bottomless goblet,thirsting for knowledge and savoring wisdom."
SoulGaze.jpg Soul Gaze Increases Physical Hit by +1% each level. "When I gaze into your soul, your masks will fall away like empty husks. I will know your every crime."

# Name Effect Notes
?plugin=ref&page=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%E1%A5%A4%A5%AC%A5%B9&src=%B3%CA%C6%AE%B2%C8.png Martial Arts Training Increases Physical Attack by +1.5% each level. "When I concentrate, I speak God's words and my body moves of His will.

Though beset by evil, my victory is assured."

?plugin=ref&page=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%E1%A5%A4%A5%AC%A5%B9&src=%B9%E2%C2%AE%B1%D3%BE%A7.png Casting Haste Increases Casting Speed by +1.5% each level. "My mind rings clear as crystal, and I hear the call of the divine.

Praise be to the miracles happening by my hand."

?plugin=ref&page=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%E1%A5%A4%A5%AC%A5%B9&src=%B2%B8%BD%B2%B2%F2%BE%C3.png Redemption Decreases Malice by -1% each level. "No matter how leaden with sin a man's soul becomes, he will be granted forgiveness and mercy.

All he has to do is repent."

?plugin=ref&page=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%E1%A5%A4%A5%AC%A5%B9&src=%C9%D4%CC%C7%A4%CE%B8%C6%B5%DB.png Breath of Eternity Increases Max HP by +1% each level. "Bathe in holy light and inahle deeply of God's blessing.

Your power will grow even stronger."

?plugin=ref&page=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%E1%A5%A4%A5%AC%A5%B9&src=%C0%BA%CC%A9%CB%C9%B8%E6.png Defense Specialist Increases Physical Defense by +1% each level. "I have glimpsed the mind of God.

Its sublime beauty was striking and has changed me forever."

?plugin=ref&page=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%E1%A5%A4%A5%AC%A5%B9&src=%CB%E2%CE%CF%A4%CE%C8%DF%B8%EE.png Divine Guidance Increases Magical Defense by +1% each level. "The voice of the divine is a melody that makes my soul dance and frolic,

leading me down a path of holy righteousness toward the bright light of eternity."

Sage / Mystic

# Name Effect Notes
Sage_Eagle_Spirit.jpg Great Eagle Blessing Increases Magic Attack by +1.5% each level. "Make it easy on yourself and don't think of running. Under my sharp eyes, you can't hide."
Sage_Wolf_Spirit.jpg Shadow Wolf Blessing Increases Physical Critical Hit Rate by +1% each level. "When my wild howl begins, listen carefully, for I'm singing for your dirge."
Sage_Monkey_Spirit.jpg Giant Ape Blessing Decreases Physical Damage taken by -1% each level. "My wounds mean nothing to me as my soul screams for your destruction."
Sage_Plant_Spirit.jpg Herbologist Increases Magic Critical Hit Rate against Plants by +1% each level.
Increases Magic Attack Damage to Plants by +50 each level.
"I am the best at growing plants; I also know the best ways to pick them!"
Sage_Power_Totem.jpg Power Slam Increases Hammer Damage by +1% each level. "By my hammer and my courage is all that is needed to declare and fair and just verdict on you."
Sage_Rainbow.jpg Rainbow Aura Increases Resistance by +1% each level. "I will endure merciless storms, for the beautiful rainbow always comes after wards."

# Name Effect Notes
scall.jpg The Shaman's Call Increases Intelligence by +9 each level. "My sixth sense lets me read the signs of the spirits. I hear the stories they tell and for it,
I have attained profound knowledge."
powerfulphysique.jpg Powerful Physique Increases Max HP by +1% each level. "All my training is paying off, my tears from yesterday are not today's cries of joy."
supersonichand.jpg Supersonic Hand Increases Close Range Attack Speed by +1% each level. "When a direct attack breaches one's defenses, the simplest move would be the most fatal one."
windwhisper.jpg Whisper of the Wind Increases Casting Speed by +1% each level. "When the wind whispers in my ears, I hear a song made by my soul. All is calm, and will be made right."

# Name Effect Notes
?plugin=attach&refer=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%AA%A5%E9%A5%AF%A5%EB&openfile=%C9%F7%BF%C0%A4%CE%BD%CB%CA%A1.png Wind God's Bliss Increases Evasion by 2% each level. "I've received advice from the wind. I can read your every

attack under the benevolent guidance of the wind god."

?plugin=attach&refer=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%AA%A5%E9%A5%AF%A5%EB&openfile=%B4%F1%C0%D7%A4%CE%B4%E4.png Rock of Miracles Increases Defense by +1% each level. "When I sing this magical song, the rocks will answer

my call and defend me against the weapons of my foes."

?plugin=attach&refer=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%AA%A5%E9%A5%AF%A5%EB&openfile=%B8%C5%C2%E5%A4%AB%A4%E9%C5%C1%A4%EF%A4%EB%C5%C1%B5%AD.png Arcane Legacy Increase Magic Defense by +1% each level. "The legacy of our ancestors passed down in the form of melody

through thousands of years. I shall infuse my will power into my melody to block dark magic damage."

?plugin=attach&refer=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%AA%A5%E9%A5%AF%A5%EB&openfile=%CD%BD%B4%B6.png Foresight Increases Hit by +2% each level. "I know your every next move by reading the stars in the sky.

You can't dodge my attack no matter what."

?plugin=attach&refer=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%AA%A5%E9%A5%AF%A5%EB&openfile=%C1%C4%CE%EE%A4%CE%CE%CF.png Ancestors' Strength Increases Magical Critical Hit by +1% each level. "The spirit of my ancestors please come across the barriers of time

and space, and inhabit my body. Let the enemy have a taste of your wraith."

?plugin=attach&refer=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%AA%A5%E9%A5%AF%A5%EB&openfile=%C9%F4%C2%B2%C0%EF%BD%D1.png Tribal Arts Increases Physical and Magical Critical Hit Damage by +3% each level. "We follow the wisdom of our ancestors and practice the stances of

our ancestors. Now we will counterattack and show the invading enemy that the strength of our village will overcome any obstacle"

Wizard / Archmage

# Name Effect Notes
01_Magic_Master.png Magic Master Increases Magic Attack Damage by +1% each level. "There are some things man was not meant to know. My unleashed fury is one of them."
02_Elemental_Resistance.png Elemental Resistance Increases Fire Resistance by 2% each level.
Increases Ice Resistance by 2% each level
Increases Lightning Resistance by +2% each level.
"I study the world because I understand nature's power. Instead of fighting it,
I've learned to live in harmony with it, and it has rewarded me well."
03_Arcana_Cloak.png Arcana Cloak Decreases Magic Damage taken by +2% each level. "Because I understand my own insignificance in the universe, I know better how to weave the fabric of fabric."
04_Mage_Hunter.png Mage Hunter Increases Magic Attack against Elementals by +1% each level.
Increases Magic Attack Damage to Elementals by +50 each level.
"This world is built on a set of rules. When you know these rules,
you also know how to break them."
05_Essence_of_the_Craft.png Essence of the Craft Increases Max MP by +1% each level. "My bloodline is the key to rid my soul of its earthly shackles!."
06_Tongue_Twister.png Tongue Twister Decreases chance of Casting Interruption by 3% each level. "How many birds could a sunbird sun if a sunbird could sun birds?."

# Name Effect Notes
01_Runic_Knowledge.png Runic Knowledge Decreases Casting Time by -1.5% each level "I raise my hands in precise gestures, quickly drawing complex spells.
To me, it is the art of making magic...but to you, your doom!."
02_Magic_Student.png Magic Student Increases Intelligence by +9 each level. "I finally understand, this is not just building magic theory from practice,
controlling elements with spells. I see on a different level, I see a different world."
03_Magic_Dissolution.png Magic Dissolution Decreases Enemies Magic Critical Hit Rate by 3% each level. "You think that same trick will work on me? Before you can finish weaving your best spell,
I've dismantled every essence you poured into it."
04_Magical_Marksman.png Magical Marksman Increases Magic Critical Hit Rate by +1% each level. "When my every word flows with the sands of time, when my every move resonates
with the fabric of space, your defeat is simply prophecy."

# Name Effect Notes
01_Elemental_Existance.png Elemental Existence Increases Max HP by +2% each level. "I focus my mind and feel the dynamics and the existence of Elementals in the nature.
My stamina will become stronger."
02_Void_Field.png Void Field Increases Defense by +1% each level,
Decreases Malice by -1.5% each level.
"I put up an element barrier. In this field, the Elementals will enhance my
defense and turn any malice into void."
03_Arcana_Armor.png Arcana Armor Increases Magic Defense by +1% each level. "I summon the Elementals with arcane magic. They will serve as my shield
and protect me from any malicious spells."
04_Insight.png Insight Increases Hit by +2% each level "I am the ruler of the Elementals and can see through everything.
You can't hide your true form from me."
05_Shapeshifter.png Shapeshifter Increases Evasion by +2% each level "My body and the Elementals in the nature have fused together. My body has shifted to other
dimension and all your attacks have no effect on me."
06_Gravity_Shield.png Gravity Shield Decreases Physical Damage taken by +1% each level "My spiritual power is able to enhance the gravitational field around me.
Your attack will hardly have effect on me."

Necromancer / Demonologist

# Name Effect Notes
01_Eldritch_Whispers.png Eldritch Whispers Increases Magic Attack by +1% each level. "Containing spells and incantations written in human blood, and wrapped in flesh,
even Candarian Demons fear the books you read"
02_Transfer_Hatred.png Transfer Hatred Decreases Malice by -1% each level. "Can you feel the ultimate pleasure brought on by that deep pain?
Then be grateful for the harm I have done!"
03_Blood_Soul_Right.png Blood Soul Rite Increases Max HP by +1% each level. "As long as I can live another day, I don't care how many innocent lives have to be sacrificed."
04_Spirit_Burst.png Spirit Burst Increases Magic Critical Hit Rate by +1% each level. "The worst pain is not physical torment but those that twist the soul."
05_Mech_Breaker.png Mech Breaker Increases Magic Attack to Machines by +1% each level.
Increases Magic Attack Damage to Machines by +50 each level.
"These soulless things have a nasty habit of falling apart in the heat of battle."
06_Ward_of_Evil.png Ward of Evil Increases Dark Resistance by +1% each level. "I live in the darkness, yet it does not live inside of me."

# Name Effect Notes
NecroLegend1.jpg Heart of the Witch Increases Intelligence by +9 each level. "When my hand curls easily around your heart, don't imagine you can control me,
for I've become a higher being than you."
NecroLegend2.jpg Rapid Caster Decreases Casting Time by 1.7% each level. "When I move my lips, booming spells flows out of my mouth. It's the hunting aria to your death."
NecroLegend3.jpg Body Stitching Decreases Enemies Physical Critical Hit Rate by -3% each level. "You've got a strong frame. I'm sure they would serve me well. You, I don't need."
NecroLegend4.jpg Dance of the Wisps Increases Evasion by +1% each level. "When dark fog slowly clouds your sight, I will be gone and you will never find your way out!"

# Name Effect Notes
01_Heart_of_Aether.png Heart of Aether Increases Max MP by +1% each level. "Death is the ultimate powerlessness, a total seperation of mana currents flowing around us.
I cannot allow that to happen to me."
02_Bone_Shield.png Bone Shield Increases Defense by +1% each level. "Come now soulless bones. Hear my commands. Sacrifice yourselves to protect me!"
03_Soul_Barrier.png Soul Barrier Increases Magic Defense by +1% each level. "I am ringed by the souls of the dead, who join forces to guard me from your dark magic."
04_Psychic_Attack.png Psychic Attack Increases Hit by +2% each level "Beware Mortal. I will enter your mind and torture your soul. You will never escape."
05_Shield_of_Flesh.png Shield of Flesh Decreases Physical Damage taken by +1% each level "Come, unnamed corpses. The ruler of the underworld beckons! Shield me with your shriveled flesh!"
06_Forbidden_Summoning.png Forbidden Summoning Increases Magic Critical Damage by +3% each level "Demons resting in darkest abyss, come! Feast upon the souls of the ignorant until their very gods tremble!"

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