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When viewing the map, important locations are indicated with symbols. Some of these also appear on the minimap

Symbol Name Function
map01.png Self Shows current player location
map02.png Zone Portal Move to another zone through portals located where this icon is displayed
map03.png Teleporter Save locations and teleport from place to place (for a fee)
map04.png Soul Preservation Crystal Resurrection point (revive at saved Crystal after death)
map05.png Sprite Sprite NPC locations
map06.png Skill Trainer Skills can be learned for a fee
map07.png Weapon Shop Purchase weapons and sell goods.
map08.png Armor Shop Purchase armor and sell goods
map09.png Stores Denotes a variety of different store types: General Store, books, etc
map10.png Mounts Mounts are available for sale at the Mount Dealer
map11.png Alchemist
Alchemists create new items from formulas and blueprints. Fortification experts can enhance weapons and armor with the use of upgrade scrolls
map12.png Mailbox Send and receive messages, gold, and items
map13.png Guild Official Create and upgrade guilds. Guild quests are also found at this NPC
map14.png Bank Store items/gold
map15.png Salespeople Players can purchase and sell items through the NPC Salespeople
map16.png Quest Available An NPC has a quest available for the player
map17.png Quest Incomplete This icon indicates an NPC waiting for a quest to be completed
map18.png Quest Complete Indicates an NPC where a completed quest can be turned in
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