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Map Interface & Legend

Dragon Knights transports you into a new world filled with mystery and adventure. The more you explore, the more you'll come to rely on your Minimap, Region map, and World map.


The Minimap displays in the top-right of your screen and shows your character's current position, the immediate area, as well as any important landmarks or NPCs nearby. Multiple shortcut buttons are present on the minimap, so you can quickly open new functions or windows.
# Name Description
no1.png Area Name The location name and land name that a character is presently located in will be displayed here.
no2.png Area Feature Information regarding the zone will be displayed here. This will highlight the PvP status of the map you are in. This will let you know is the zone is considered a Safe Zone, Nomal Zone, Combat Zone or Siege Zone.
no3.png Siege Time Castle Siege takes place every week. This icon will alert you to relevant dates and times. When a Castle Siege beings, a message will be sent out to remind player and this Icon will activate. Once Castle Siege ends the icon will deactivate.
no4.png Election Elections are held weekly. This tooltip will help you keep track of when the next election will take place.
no5.png Post Office You've got mail! Whenever you've received a message in your mailbox you will see this icon enabled on your mini map. It will alert you to any new messages in your inbox.
no6.png Quest Marker This will open your quest log so that you can see where all the relevant monsters and or NPCs are located.
no7.png Zoom In/Out Adjust the view distance within the minimap.
no8.png Player Location This will show the player's current location.
no9.png NPC This will display the relevant NPC character icon.
no10.png Minimap Settings This will pull up the settings for the minimap. You'll be able to customize the minimap to suit your play style.

Map Legend

The Minimap and Region map both use the same icons to indicate important NPCs and landmarks so you can locate merchants, portals, etc. as quickly as possible.
Icon Name Description
icon_grocery.jpg Grocery Merchant This icon will direct you to the location of a Grocery Merchant. You can restock some of your supplies here.
icon_weapon.jpg Weapon Merchant Sometimes you just need a sharper blade. For better weapons, see what the Weapon Merchant has in stock.
icon_accessory.jpg Accessory Merchant For the fashion-minded adventurer. Just because you kill monsters doesn't mean you can't have style. Earrings, baubles and other accessories are available at the Accessory Merchant.
icon_storage.jpg Storage Keeper Carrying too much stuff? Drop it off with the Storage Keeper NPC. Remember that weight matters in Dragon Knights so stop by often to drop off extra items.
icon_teleporter.jpg Teleporter Walking is for chumps. Use the Teleporter NPC and get teleported instantly to various important locations. Choose carefully or you may have to walk back.
icon_blacksmith.jpg Blacksmith Get that edge on your opponent. The Blacksmith NPC will upgrade your weapons for a reasonable price.
icon_alchemist.jpg Alchemist The Alchemist sells the potions to cure all your ailments and wounds. Stock up before any major adventure.
icon_skillbook.jpg Skill Book Merchant Skill books help you increase your skills. Visit these merchants for more info.
icon_gatekeeper.jpg Gatekeeper These prestigious individuals defend the gates from all external enemies. Be nice to them, or they may not let you in.
icon_mastercraftsman.jpg Master Craftsman There's special equipment in the game that only the Master Craftsman can make. If you ever get to that level where the regular gear isn't cutting it, pay the Master Craftsman a visit.
icon_party.jpg Party Member This icon will allow you to know where your party members are at, at all times.
icon_guildm.jpg Guild Master Trying to start a guild? Visit the Guild Master for all info.
icon_petkeeper.jpg Pet Keeper Your own personal pet hotel. Visit this NPC to have him care for your pet while you continue adventuring.
icon_guard.jpg Guard Keepers of the peace, upholders of the law. Guards will stop any crimes they see, whether it's to save you from a PK'er, or to stop you from PKing someone else.
icon_rune.jpg Rune Expert An expert with Runes. The Rune Expert NPC can explain this better - go visit him!
icon_chamberlain.jpg Chamberlain The Chamberlain helps Guild officers and Guild leaders manage their guilds. Visit him for more info.
icon_sorcerer.jpg Sorcerer Players can upgrade their arsenal and abilities by purchasing magic scrolls from sorcerers.
icon_bulletin.jpg Bulletin Board Visit the Bulletin Board for the latest news and some quests.
icon_messenger.jpg Messenger These messengers carry important messenges. At least, that is what they are supposed to do. Visit one to find out!
icon_robe.jpg Robe Craftsman Need something tailored? The Robe Craftsman has got you covered.
icon_npc.jpg NPC This icon will mark all NPCs that currently surround you.
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