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The manual of style is a guide meant to be used by contributors of the wikipedia to bring together the content of this site in a consistent, easy-to-read format. Contributors should work together to make the styles detailed here.

The things specified here is a work in progress and you mustn't obey these rules / guidelines. But for the sake of a nice and readable wiki use these things.


Writing an article

The purpose of all articles within the Wikipedia is to relay accurate facts to the readers. As such, all information given must be from an objective standpoint; in other words, straight, unbiased facts. Subjective, opinionated material will be removed.

Also, for the sake of consistency, all articles should be written in American English.


Use {{Lcat|Moss}} or [[:Category:Moss|Moss]] to link to the Category Moss name Moss

  • This needs to be done when linking to NPC's, as NPC's are Categories, and not Articles.
  • If the link is to an article, and you want that article to go to the Category, then #REDIRECT [[:Category:Moss|Moss]]

Use [[Moss|Moss]] to link to the Article Moss name Moss

    • There should be no colors used, as Categories do not follow the color-coding. Make sure to follow the color-coding if linking to an article depending on what the Article is.
  • Imports - {{:My Pretend Item}}
    • This will pull the entire article My Pretend Item into the current article. This prevents having to duplicate information, and if ever the My Pretend Item was modified, it would automatically change on every page that uses it. Note, you MUST use Soft links in the My Pretend Item, or the new article will also be in every category that My Pretend Item is in.
      • Monsters, AdvWeapon, and AdvArmor will be set up to be soft links so they can be imported to other pages.
      • Spells must be set up with soft links if you want to display their pages together in other articles.
  • Imports with captions - {{IncCaption|Page=My Pretend Item|Caption=This used to be a good Item}}
    • This will put a link back to the main object above the pull in. Helpful in that you don't have to type the name or link it manually. Is only used as Caption if Caption is blank or not present
    • Caption will not link, but allows you to put different text above the imported article. Caption is not required to use template IncCaption

Adding Categories

There are several methods of linking categories to a page. The following illustrates how and why each is used

  • Hard links - [[Category:My Category]] or [[Category:My Category|My Category sort name]]
    • This will add the category My Category to the page. The first option will sort on My Category in the Category page
    • My Category sort name allows you to reorder the pages in the category page. Example: [[Category:Items|0 my pretend item]] will put the article in the Category Items, but sort it under 0 alphabetical by my pretend item
  • Soft links - {{IncCat|Page=My Pretend Item|Category=Items}}
    • This will create the category link to Items, for the article page named: "My Pretend Item". If the page is referenced by another page, the other page will not be part of the Items category

Appropriate use of italics

Italics should be used when referring to the proper title of a work such as a book, magazine, game or movie. For example, "Grand Fantasia" is the title of the game this wiki is for.

Headings and sections

Many articles are divided into individual sections and subsections. Each main section should be created by using double equals signs on both sides of the section title. For example:

== Headings and sections ==

When subsections are used, a series of three equals signs on both sides of the subsection title should be used. For example:

=== Subsection title ===

The first letter of a heading's title and the first letter of all proper nouns following will be capitalized. All other words will be in lowercase.


The standard rules of capitalization in the English language should be applied to the text of all articles. However, there are a few exceptions which are specific to the Grand Fantasia series.

  • Fill in names that are different capitalized in Grand Fantasia.

Individual weapon, Armor, etc. articles

  • New weapon template handles all weapons: Shield, Bow, Firearm, One Handed Axe, Two Handed Axe, One handed Sword, Two Handed Sword, One Handed Hammer, Two Handed Hammer, Staff.
  • This weapon template follows the color guidelines by using the Color templates in the Rarity fields (W-Common, O-Orange,Y-Yellow,G-Green,B-Blue). No link version is required, as all links are automatic, just the colors (W,O,Y,G,B) are required.
  • Full writeup on this type of weapon can be found at Template:AdvWeapon
  • Example: Seal of Transmigration Axe
  • This template has been made to work with manual of style weapon tables and can be included in a table by typing {{:Seal of Transmigration Axe}}
  • Example:
Icon Level Name Attack Speed Stat Bonus Special Durability Detail
sealoftransmigrationaxe.png 50 Seal of Transmigration Axe ATK +1823
1.9 STR +37
VIT +20
AGI +15

6% chance to hit
When equipped, malice caused by damage dealt -20%
Can't be Traded
Unique Equipment

116 Reincarnation Axe x 1
Mutated Greed Emblem x 1
Mutated Nucleus x 7
|ImageLink    =
<!-- Use a 80x80 pixel picture -->
|Reqlev       =
|Name         =
|Basename     =
|Baseflag     = 1
|Tradeable    =
|Rarity       =
|WepType      =
|WepClass     =
|Atk          =
|Matk         =
|Ratk         =
|Spd          =
|Str          =
|Vit          =
|Int          =
|Wil          =
|Agi          =
|Bchance1     =
|Bdesc1       =
|Bchance2     =
|Bdesc2       =
|Bchance3     =
|Bdesc3       =
|Bchance4     =
|Bdesc4       =
|Gchance1     =
|Gdesc1       =
|Gchance2     =
|Gdesc2       =
|Gchance3     =
|Gdesc3       =
|Gchance4     =
|Gdesc4       =
|B2desc1      =
|B2desc2      =
|B2desc3      =
|B2desc4      =
|Weapontext   =
|Durability   =
|Unique       =
|BuyableAt    =
|Price        =
|ObtainedFrom =
|SellPrice    =
|ExtraInfo    =
|Classes      =
|Novice       =
|Fighter      =
|Warrior      =
|Paladin      =
|TEMP         =
|Berserker    =
|WRLD         =
|Hunter       =
|Archer       =
|Ranger       =
|SHPS         =
|Assassin     =
|DKST         =
|Spellcaster  =
|Mage         =
|Wizard       =
|ARCH         =
|Necromancer  =
|DMON         =
|Acolyte      =
|Priest       =
|Cleric       =
|PROP         =
|Sage         =
|MYST         =
|MadebySprite =

Crafting Template should only be used if auto-linked from AdvWeapon/AdvArmor. This link is made automatic from AdvWeapon/AdvArmor, and you just need to copy the template into the link and add detail. More information to come on how this is done.

| Level         =
| Result        =
| Spritecraft   =
| Spritelevel   =
| ResultRarity  =
| Weapon        =
| WeaponRarity  =
| Materials     =
| Material1     =
| Rarity1       =
| Quantity1     =
| Material2     =
| Rarity2       =
| Quantity2     =
| Material3     =
| Rarity3       =
| Quantity3     =
| Cost          =

Weapon, Armor and Item Tables

When editing pages covering a certain category of weapons, use this format to develop a new table or build on an existing one. This example demonstrates how the code works. Examine the code as displayed in the first section, and keep in mind the following:

  • If you don't know how Wikitables work, check out the help article on tables at Wikipedia.
  • You can use the special color templates to color your text in the right color. In the next part will be an exact overlook of all common templates.
  • If the weapon has already been created, it can be directly included rather than retype all the information again. This is optimal, and makes for easier updating to tables
    • Last category modified to be Details, vs Required Materials. This table has been made to handle All weapons, and not just Crafted none enchanted weapons in an endeavor to expand the wiki.

What you type:

{| width=100% class=sortable border="1" cellpadding=5 cellspacing=0
!class=unsortable | Icon
!Stat Bonus
| || 4 || '''Iron Sword''' || 72 || 1.5 || None || None || 95 || Bronze Ore (10)<br/> Dry Branch (10)
| <img link> || 8 || {{G|Sprite's Iron Sword}} || 127 || 1.5 || AGI +2 || None || 95 || '''Iron Sword''' (1)<br/> Dry Branch (4)<br/> Tree Root Fossil (3)
| || 10 || '''Well-Made Iron Sword''' || 125 || 1.5 || None || None || 95 || Bronze Ore (20)<br/> Dry Branch (20)
{{:Iron Sword}}
{{:Sprite's Iron Sword}}
{{:Well-Made Iron Sword}}
{{:Muha's Brave Bow}}
{{:Protective Longplate Shield}}
{{:TauntingGreen Dragonscale Blade}}

The resulting table:

Icon Level Name Attack Speed Stat Bonus Special Durability Detail
kefac0.png 4 Iron Sword 72 1.5 None None 95 Bronze Ore (10)
Dry Branch (10)
20jizvr.jpg 8 Sprite's Iron Sword 127 1.5 AGI +2 None 95 Iron Sword (1)
Dry Branch (4)
Tree Root Fossil (3)
kefac0.png 10 Well-Made Iron Sword 125 1.5 None None 95 Bronze Ore (20)
Dry Branch (20)
Kefac0.png 4 Iron Sword ATK +72

Can't be Traded
Unique Equipment

95 Bronze Ore x 10
Dry Branch x 10
20jizvr.jpg.png 8 Sprite's Iron Sword ATK +127
1.5 AGI +2

95 Iron Sword x 1
Dry Branch x 4
Tree Root Fossil x 3
Kefac1.png 10 Well-Made Iron Sword ATK +125

95 Bronze Ore x 20
Dry Branch x 20
6 Muha's Brave Bow R-ATK +126 2.8 AGI +2

126 Not Crafted
Obtain: Quest: Defend Siwa Village
26 Protective Longplate Shield Def +327

18% chance to block

130 Not Crafted
Obtain: NA
48 TauntingGreen Dragonscale Blade ATK +962
STR +9
VIT +9
AGI +9

6% chance to hit
15% chance of double attack damage
30% chance to activate weapon ability when attacking
Ability: Causes the enemy to fall into the "Venom 4" state for 20 sec
-200 HP per tick while effect is active

Increases enemy Malice by an additional +2%
Unique Equipment

116 Base weapon may have more detail
This weapon is Enchanted

Color-coding for Weapons, Armors and Items

A standard has been established for this wikipedia to help readers differentiate between the types of items.
In the case of AdvWeapon, AdvArmor, and Crafting, only the Letter (W,G,B,O,Y) need to be used to set the colors. The linking is automatic.

Color Legend for text colloring.
Use no color template to identify an item that is common.
Use{{W|name of item}} to identify Common items on black
Use {{Olive|<name of item>}} to identify weapon effects.
Use {{G|<name of item>}} to identify an item that is green.
Use {{B|<name of item>}} to identify an item that is blue.
Use {{O|<name of item>}} to identify an item that is orange.
Use {{Y|<name of item>}} to identify an item that is yellow.
Use {{R|<name of item>}} to identify red things
Color Legend for linked text coloring.
Use {{LG|<name of item>}} if you want to make a green link to the item green.
Use {{LB|<name of item>}} if you want to make a blue link to the item blue.
Use {{LO|<name of item>}} if you want to make a orange link to the item orange.
Use {{LY|<name of item>}} if you want to make a yellow link to the item yellow.


Contributors should avoid the use of non-statistical abbreviations (type names, for example) when writing articles, instead limiting their use to tables and charts. The following list details all accepted abbreviations used in this wikipedia



Overhauled to simplify the process, as the template was getting complex.

In the Aritcle (Monster_Name) add the following text {{dmonster|Monster_Name}}
Then follow the directions as it will allow you to input and create pages with the information.
Side Note:

  • If a monster has more than one monster with the same name, you will need to substitute dmonster with dmonstermulti. This will enable you to create up to 5 monsters with the same name. If we encounter an instance of more than 5 monster with same name we will extend the functionality.


  • Do not include any categories in the page for a Monster, all categories are automatic based on the detail placed in template. Link new Categories back to appropriate categories. Ie: Monsters of NAME_OF_LOCATION are a sub category of Bestiary_By_Region. Manual entry of Categories will make linking monsters in other pages show up in that article

For Example, you can see Manual of Style is not in any Monster categories, but if you go to the main page for this monster, this page is linked to all categories. No reentry of detail was required.

Need to adjust a stat, add some information? Update 'Alpine Deer'

Alpine Deer
Monster Type: Beast No Fame
168ziit.png Level 16 Money 0 gold.png 0 silver.png 40-45 copper.png
Aggro Level Passive Experience 369
Locations Kaslow Plains
Drops Undigested Grass
Soft Fur
Earth Metal Fragment
Lost Power of the Grassland
Stolen Letter


Soon to come

Individual item articles

Example for a Blueprint. Note: Blueprints are really recipes for talents. As such, this template is undergoing some modifications. The result of a blueprint is a Category:Talent Cards. Here is an example of Abundant Energy - 1. The image is the talent being made, one of the components is the Blueprint - Abundant Energy 1. This is a miscellaneous item that has a drop location, sold location so forth. The talent Blueprint itself is created through alchemy, and may drop by quest, or alchemy.Categories are Talent Cards, and the element Talent

| Image     =
<!-- Use a 30x30 pixel picture -->
| Level     =16
| Descript  =Max MP +8%<br>Chance of taking Magical Critical Hit -5%
| Rank      =1
| Drop      =Result of Alchemy
| BuyLoc    =
| SellPrice =
| BuyPrice  =
| Materials =[[Star Mithril Fragment]] x 30<br>[[Silver Adhesive]]<br>[[Blueprint - Abundant Energy 1]]
| Class     =[[Priest]],[[Mage]],[[Cleric]],[[Sage]],[[Wizard]],[[Necromancer]],[[PROP]],[[MYST]],[[ARCH]],[[DMON]]

[[Category:Star Talent]]
[[Category:Talent Cards]]

Image submission guidelines

When submitting images for individual articles, please follow these guidelines:

  • You may only submit your own images or from the own game site. Images taken from other sites will be removed unless proof of permission is provided.
  • Do not submit full screenshots unless they have a real meaning. Crop out the focal point of any images before uploading them.
  • Do not let the in-game HUD (character information, Backpack, etc.) block portions of the image.

User pages

While all articles within the wikipedia must follow the standards of this guide, individual user pages are the exception. Please feel free to use whatever style you prefer on your user page.

In-game descriptions

Concerning articles that use italicized in-game descriptions, the exact description as it appears in the game (excluding hyphens for line breaks) must be used. This includes all typos, misspellings, spacing and other miscellaneous

errors. However, please do not include [sic] following the incorrect spelling or punctuation.

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