Malice Ruins II

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Name: Malice Ruins II

Level: 33

Location: Wetlands

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Simulacrum. Requires completion of Malice Ruins I.

Next Quest: Malice Ruins III

Legend: Wetlands Sec 5: Malice Ruins


Once you arrived at the Simulacrum (59,130), you entered the Malice Palace and helped Amur release the sealed soul of an old magician. Your heart was strong in the face of evil.
Meanwhile, Mr. Bes waited for you to bring something to him. You needed to search around the temple and find something useful for him.
*This quest can be finished in Single-Player DGN Mode.



"You could take the Indented Ancient Piece, but I need you to do something first. Bring me the most valuable treasure in the temple, and we'll make an exchange," Bes said.
*This quest can be finished in Single-Player DGN Mode.



"This scepter belonged to the magician who built the magic temple, didn't it?" Bes gazed at the mage's Golden Staff.
"This is an incredibly valuable piece of history. Plus, it's constructed of gold and studded with gems!" Bes practically squealed with delight.
"Compared to you, the explorer brothers were useless. They did nothing but run away whenever danger arose."
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