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Human Muris Turga
Battle Classes
Warrior Thief Cleric Mage
Advanced Battle Classes
--- --- --- ---
--- --- --- ---
--- --- --- ---
--- --- --- ---
Trade Classes
Blacksmith Chef Tailor
Advanced Trade Classes
Weaponsmith Tea Crafter Mercer
Metalsmith Master Chef Leatherworker
Getting Started
Introduction To Lime Odyssey Registering & System Requirements Downloading & Installing Configuring Controls
User Interface Character Creation Character Stats Map Legend
Game Mechanics
Auction House Chat Craft/Refine Emotes
Experience Table Extraction Farm System Friends
Guild System Lover System Mail System Pet System
Socketing Storage Transportation Upgrade/Enhance
Game World
World Map Area Map Towns NPCs
Warrior Thief Mage Cleric
Warrior Thief Mage Cleric
Blacksmith Chef Tailor Costumes
By Map By Level Quest Boss Sub/Rare Boss
Story Battle Trade Hunting Board
By Map By Level Repeatable Dungeon
Consumables Item Drops Junk Items Quest Items
Collection Materials
Down(Feathers) Flowers Fruits Jewels
Leather Metal Ores Relics
Roots Stems Wood Material Nodes

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Client Games
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Browser Games
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