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Useful in battle in more ways than just support, Clerics provide powerful ranged support in addition to their strong healing abilities. They are most useful held behind characters with stronger defense, providing buffs, debuffs, healing, and ranged support from a safe distance.



Skill Branches

Common Skills

Icon Ability Name Class Level Mana Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Description
Cleric_common.jpg Minor Healing 0 26 Instant 10.0s 23m Recover the target's HP with the Divine Power of Nysis.

Training Skills

Icon Ability Name Class Level Mana Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Description Effects
Cleric_t02.jpg Blessing 0 50 Instant 0.0s 22m Empower the target with a Prayer of Blessing. Physical Damage Increased.
Magic Damage Increased.
Cleric_t05.jpg Tenet - 25 Instant 5.0s 22m Force the target to confront its own sins. Deals Magic Damage over time.
Cleric_t06.jpg Heaven's Strike - 30 1.8s 5.0s 17m Concentrate Divine Energy to inflict Magic Damage and Heal an ally. Inflict Magic Damage on enemy.
Recover friend's HP.
Cleric_t07.jpg Health Mastery - 150 Instant - 20m Increase your basic HP. Base HP increased.
Cleric_t08.jpg Repent - 50 1.5s 8.0s 15m Surround the target with Divine Energy to inflict Magic Damage and a chance to reduce Move Speed. Inflict Magic Damage.
Chance to reduce target's Move Speed.
Cleric_t09.jpg Holy Blaze - 54 1.0s 6.0s 10m Gather a store of Divine Energy and then unleash it upon your enemies. Inflict Magic Damage to one target.
Cleric_t10.jpg Sacrifice - 108 1.0s 15.0s 22m Sacrifice your life force to deal Magic Damage to your target and knock it unconscious. Inflict Magic Damage.
Reduce your current HP.
Cleric_t11.jpg Holy Power Mastery - - - - - Call upon Holy Nysis to empower your spells. -
Cleric_t12.jpg Spirit Rejuvenation - 130 1.5s 3min 22m Recover your friend's mana at the cost of your own. Recover ally's MP.
Reduce own MP.
Cleric_t13.jpg Harsh Judgement - 170 2.0s 15.0s 15m Curse the target with unholy energy and inflict magic damage, reduce target's move speed, and deal a percentage of max Magic damage over time. Inflict Magic Damage.
Reduce target's Move Speed.
Deal Magic Damage over time.

Heal Skills

Icon Ability Name Class Level Mana Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Description
Cleric_h01.jpg Remedy 0 16 2.0s 0.0s 23m Surround the target with Divine Energy and recover his/her HP. This recovery skill is affected by your Intelligence Rate and Magic Damage.
Cleric_h02.jpg Metaphysical Mastery - - - - - Equipping a staff or book as your weapon increases your Physical Damage and Magic Damage.
Cleric_h03.jpg Stardust - 26 Instant 8.0s 15m Open a rift above your target, causing a beam of Star Energy to strike them and deal Magic Damage.
Cleric_h04.jpg Consecrate - 54 Instant 0.0s 20m Remove a Physical Debuff from an ally with Divine Energy.
Cleric_h05.jpg Resurrection - - 10.0s 30.0s 23m Resurrect a fallen comrade with the power of Nysis. Your ally will be resurrected with a percentage of his/her maximum HP/MP.
Cleric_h06.jpg Medica - 18 2.5s 3.0s 23m Recover the target's HP. Recovery amount is greater if the target is under the effects of Holy Prayer.
Cleric_h07.jpg Moondust - 27 1.5s 6.0s 23m Open a rift above your target, causing a beam of Moon Energy to strike them and deal magic damage.
Cleric_h08.jpg Soulsand - - Instant 5.0s 20m Purify a Mental Debuff from your ally with Divine Energy.
Cleric_h09.jpg Sanctus - 100 Instant 7.0s 22m Protect your allies harm by bestowing them with Sanctus. A target affected by Sanctus will have increased Physical and Magic defense for a period of time.
Cleric_h10.jpg Holy Reign - 120 3.0s 6.0s 15m Send out a wave of healing magic that recovers HP for all allies within a 15m radius. The higher your Skill Level, the shorter the cooldown time.
Cleric_h11.jpg Integral Healing - 69 Instant 10.0s 23m Use Integral Healing on a target. This will recover the target's HP, with additional healing equal to a percentage of your total Magic Damage over time.
Cleric_h12.jpg Blessing Mastery. - - - - - Increases your Intelligence, as well as the effects of your healing skills.
Cleric_h13.jpg Blind Omen - 121 Instant 5.0s 23m Reveals any Hidden targets near you, illuminating them and reducing their Malice Rate. A higher Skill Level means greater range of recognition and further reduction of Malice.
Cleric_h14.jpg Holy Prayer - 186 Instant 2min 23m Create a glowing shield around the target, reducing incoming damage for a limited time. The effects of High Healing are increased while Holy Prayer remains effective.
Cleric_h15.jpg Spirit Solace - 174 Instant 2min 23m Calling on the power of the goddess Nysis, cast an incredibly powerful healing spell upon the target and grant them holy protection for a brief time. Target healed by a large percentage of Maximum HP, Shield Defense Rate increased, and Dodge Rate increased.

Equipment Types

The cleric is capable of handling the following equipment: Maces, Staves and Grimoires for weapons.



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